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Gamma Test

Gamma Trials

By: Annette MacGregor

Worth A Picture


I'm not very good at math, but if one picture is worth 1000 words,
then these ten 100 word stories must be
Laika Pupkino ~~~ 2009

Where Fury! Ends, Mayhem Begins

There was an intoxicating pulse in the city tonight, it seemed to reach out and caress Salandra, begging her to succumb to it's allure.  Something about this night in Chicago reminded her of the City of Angels, whispering and beckoning to her, that it had been too long since she'd frolicked in the seedy nightlife of a big city.  The novelty of being alone and unrecognized fueled her q

Dem Bourgeois Adventurers Go Hero by R.K.Galvez

1: in which VeeCee and Von RapArd get dropped by their rich benefactors.

Thorn of Hearts

“Ouch!  Oh…ouchity…ouch…ouch!”  Li-eira practically hopped on one foot as her body processed the painful prickling of a vine of thorns.  She had been reaching for one of the loveliest pink roses and had carelessly neglected to see the patch of briars that was protecting it.  Ugly red welts were already chasing the scratch up her arm, and the

Those Follies of Timeless Fancies by R.K.Galvez





To Gamussi Rubello[a.k.a.Old Gammy Rubb]:

A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 20 (Final Chapter of Book One)


This is the final chapter of Book One for now,
but there may be more added later.

“I know why you are here. I have already read your mind. I also know where the others are and I will soon recapture them and bring them back. You want to tell me about your god. Correct?” Pharaoh mentally projected these thoughts to Lizzie Jane's mind. He knew that he was correct, but wanted Lizzie Jane to confess her plans.
A 23rd Century Girl
in the 20th Century
Chapter 20
(Final Chapter of Book One)

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven – Game Day (Amanda)

It was late Friday afternoon and Amanda should have been preparing for her football game date with Ken.
She wasn’t.

Road Trip

As I stood at the foot of that mountain – known as The Brocken or Brocksberg – I wondered whether I was doing the right thing. Trouble was; at that moment, right and wrong were a little blurred.

I could see the mountain soaring up before me, seemingly looking down and laughing – silently mocking me.

“It’s alright for you,” I said, even though I knew it neither heard nor cared.

The thing is; right and wrong are concepts that tend to change depending upon which side of the equation you’re on. What’s right for one needn’t be right for another and what appears to be wrong might actually be right…

Sometimes, there is neither ‘right’ nor ‘wrong’. Sometimes, it’s just what is and what isn’t.

Then of course there’s the downright weird… 

A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 19

 She kicked one guard in the groin, followed by the palm of her hand to his head causing him to lose balance and fall backward. She whirled around with a chop to the neck of the second guard strong enough to produce a fracture. He also fell to the floor in extreme pain. Linda turned and ran down the hall.

A 23rd Century Girl

in the 20th Century



Chapter 19



This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 24

“Thank you for rescuing me.”
“It was the door.”
“How’s that?”
“It’s your own personal door – it’s with you all the time now, sort of surrounds you.”
“Thank God!  Now I’m free!”

A Waste of Good Brandy

A Waste of Good Brandy

by Joyce Melton


I got up because I want to write this down.

The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 4


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -




* Chapter Four *

-The Creation Of Annie Begins-



Dr. Sleepypuppy

It's December 1985. Jack Nemo has had no sleep for several nights in a row. It has been one weird interruption after another for this elderly homeless fellow. Terribly fatigued, he boards a city bus, simply hoping to catch a few z's out of the rain. But little does he realize that this bus---and existence as he knows it---are about to take a sudden detour into a chaotic realm of unrelenting strangeness, presided over by the chthonic entity known as...

Dr. Sleepypuppy
by  Laika  Pupkino

Here Today...

In which a mystery of long standing is solved, mewling writers and chirping critics battle for the last laugh, and one storyteller discovers that there are worse fates for satire and its practitioners than closing on Saturday night...

Farm Town Chronicles 9-12

 Roamin' Holiday or 'Hare today, gone tomorrow'

I'm missing my friend Betty Sue. Oh, don't get me wrong she ain't dead or nothin'. But she did get herself into one heap o' trouble this past week. And now she's got extra chores and ain't got time to come and play with me. What kind of trouble you ask? More than you can shake a stick at!

Row of pins


I had the car, so it must be within the last couple years, but I don't know the highway. I was a long way from anywhere, and I have a memory I think must have been a little earlier, of driving through a strange flat land with dead trees and oily puddles of lakes. But this one picks up where I'm eating dinner in a large log house with an elderly couple. I don't recognize them, I think we must have just met, and they're being very hospitable. Earlier the man was showing me something in the garage that he was proud of. A computer-controlled milling machine, maybe? Maybe it was more like a jigsaw. I think he had built it himself. He was using it to make stupid kitschy plywood cut-outs and she would douse them in acrylic latex. Such a waste. The room was decorated with the cut-outs and I had seen more in the yard.

My Worst Fears

Note: This is from my life its non-fictional auto biography, Since my real Diary from the time are actually long gone I had to piece together my memories of the events for those 2 days.

Sylvia Plath's "The Outhouse In Winter"

 Sylvia Plath's The Outhouse In Winter.

===A POEM===
 Laika Pupkino ~~~ 2009.

Light and Speed

It's not so easy to find a primitive, backward culture anymore. Satellite constellations can lay down a gigahertz on every square kilometer of the Earth's surface and where there's a signal there will be receivers. We need not even mention the orbitals. The painters may be naked - they may be using mud pigments and hair brushes. You might mistake them for a tiny group of prehistoric people somehow cut off from the march of progress for thousands of years. That would be a mistake. Machines dug this cave, the hair for the brushes was grown by bacteria in a bottle, and the design taking shape on the wall does not represent an animal to be hunted. Not exactly.

Freezing spirits of Air

by Matthew Skala


My cat watches me from his patch of sunlight. No familiar spirit this year; just an ordinary cat, black and sleek and wise in the manner of cats. Does he feel my pain? I have heard that cats have a similar disease, a slow waning of the body's defenses. But can he comprehend my unique fear?

When I was young and immortal I feared nothing; but in eight centuries I have grown wiser. Even as I advanced my position, removing my enemies one by one, I was learning the price of such advancement. Wizards have long memories, I know this; even dead ones. I fear not death but who waits for me on the other side.

Tired of Death. (Reformatted!!)

Theodore the White swung his sword mightily, cleaving the zombie in two. It disintegrated in a dry explosion of dust and bone, choking him. Another of the monsters reached for him from behind, forcing him to reverse a short way and use his elbow barbs to fend if off. He felt the spike pierce rotten flesh, and heard the sickly sound of trapped air escaping from the zombies’ gut.

The Midnight Tower R - Prologue - Voice

[This chapter contains some violence. It's pretty heavy, but not too bad, in my opinion. If it is too much, I apologize, but I don't know the standards you're used to here.]

The Sleep of Reason

The Sleep of Reason Produces Marshmallows

Three Dream Transcripts

Original Intrepid Heroes

The Original 'Intrepid Heroes'

by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney

The Balladeers

The greatest heroes that never were?

A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 18

“Yes, you are wondering about the zombies. They were our enemies, so I have taken removed all previous thoughts from their minds and replaced it with only the ability to serve us. They know nothing else and are used as guards against other enemies. They neither eat or sleep, but are given long life –hundreds of your years. They are bandaged as zombies because their flesh cannot survive such a long life. You and the young lady with you will be spared that fate – but the others with you may not.”


A 23rd Century Girl


in the 20th Century


Chapter 18



A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 17


A 23rd Century Girl

in the 20th Century


Chapter 17


“Yes, zombies,” stated Jake. “Those things wrapped in bandages that grabbed us.”

“Things that grabbed you? When? How? I must ask the Pharaoh about that,” replied Lizzie Jane.

The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 3


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -




* Chapter Three *

Meeting Of The Minds-

 Or, Danny gets Snowed!


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