Historic Annulment

Historic Annulment
 In Part Conceived by Dean Vandeusen

(completed in An Historic Annulment, Annulled! By PattieBFine)


Fifty years, fifty years ago I had proposed to her and next month we would repeat our vows in the same church in which we had said “I do”, as the our minister lead us to union. I wanted to repeat all the steps that had lead to a life time with my soul mate and lover. Age brings wisdom but at other times it is not a blessing and, neither she nor I could hike Max Patch Bald, the North Carolina Mountain on which I had proposed, but I had an idea on how I could do it all over again.


On Friday I left early, letting her know that I would be back home before four, I headed to the university’s history department to keep my appointment with time. The department had been bequeathed a new Apple Industries “Chrono-Porter”, and after the first ten years of use in pure historical research the department had started to become a profit center as the device allowed placement of recording devices in crime locations, solving many dead file crimes from the last decade.

I approached the department dean with my request to record my proposal to my than future wife. As another potential income stream the idea was wholeheartedly supported, my payment accepted and I was introduced to the grad student / technician on duty.

With Goggle Map World View up on the main screen we zoomed on the GPS coordinates I provided and using prerecorded “street views” we programmed the entry and aiming points for the recording aperture. I had set the time that I had proposed into my personal calendar that day and had later downloaded it into face book, and its descendants. To this we added a leading five minutes to allow that my recorded time may have been in error. For some reason recordings cannot be live screened, for the ten minuet recording, an hour of real time would need to be processed and collated to reproduce the original view. While waiting I inquired why I heard of so few dead file cases solved in the decades prior to the present?

The technician explained that time is among the electro, magnetic, gravimetric phenomenon that are subject to the theory of general relativity, to transport the sensor aperture and maintain it requires energy in proportion to the squared amount of mass displaced and multiplied by the total time differential between the two points. In other words the greater the time displacement, the greater the amount of energy displacement and when the field opens and collapses the energy discharges are spectacular. A displacement of a decade would create a discharge large enough to distract those present at the potential crime scene, reducing accuracy and potentially changing history. Your recording is the greatest differential in time we have recorded to date.

I went home a shattered man, I am a lifelong bachelor now, after viewing the recording we made I called up the news for the day on the internet archives, the story in the Asheville Citizen-Times, June 8th 2010, said it all…

A young Tennessee woman was struck and killed by lightning on one of her favorite North Carolina mountain trails only moments before her boyfriend was about to propose to her…

Richard ... 30, ... and Bethany ... 25, both from Knoxville, had ignored the rain and kept heading up Max Patch Bald, a spot that Bethany had longed to show him.

In his pocket, he had his own surprise -- an engagement ring.

"About 30 seconds before the lightning struck", Richard tells the newspaper, "Bethany turned around to say: 'God, baby, look how beautiful it is.'"

Richard, who suffered second-degree burns in the ordeal, says he remembers seeing three lightning flashes.

"I was spun 180 degrees and thrown several feet back," he says. "My legs turned to Jell-O, my shoes were smoking and the bottom of my feet felt like they were on fire."

He then crawled to Bethany, who was lying motionless only a few feet away.

"I did CPR for probably 15 minutes and the whole time was trying her cellphone, but I couldn't get anything out," Richard says. He then drove for help, but it was too late.

"I put the ring on her finger while the EMTs were working on her," he tells the Citizen-Times. "They are listing me as her fiancé in the obituaries."

(News Article Posted by Doug Stanglin, Asheville Citizen-Times, June 8th 2010)

Note: first names substituted for last names used in article


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