Healing a Princess. . . 37 (Out of the bag)


 Healing a Princess. . . 37
(Out of the bag)
By Tim Knight

Healing a Priness. . . 36 (Its about time)


Healing a Princess. . . 36
(Its about time)
By Tim Knight

Healing a Princess. . . 35 (What could possibly go wrong?)


      Healing a Princess. . . 35
(What could possibly go wrong)
By Tim Knight



Spirit Splinters, Part 5

Dear Ajau and Jajau,

How are you? Here at school I'm having a great time, except that a girl was murdered by a vampire today. I want you to be extra careful, in case vampires target you guys, too. I'm not being paranoid, no matter what my big brother might say. How are Keasa and Reuwo?

Spirit Splinters, Part 4

When I woke up, it was with a dry throat and a sore back. I realized I was slumped over my work half-asleep, and straightened up, wincing in pain at the aching.
The sun was shining through the window, and I blinked at the sudden light. Then it hit me like a train that I was probably late, because every going-to-magic-school story had to have this cliche at one point or another.

Spirit Splinters, Part 1

The room was immaculately clean. White walls, polished wooden floor, orderly bookcases.

I can't believe it was me.

The woman behind the desk was gentle and understanding, with curly blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. "Miss Cenobi Hannele, is it?"

Am I supposed to be happy, or scared?

My voice came out in a squeak. "Please, call me Hanna."

The Other Way Around

This is fantasy. I promise it is, well, at least to my knowledge it is? If you can prove it otherwise contact me. I would love to open a travel agency :) He* I might even go there myself.

The Other Way Around -10-

(ver 0.6)

So, have patience, please.

The Other Way Around -9-

As always

Read it at your peril.

( ver. 07 so to speak
At 1 it's almost working :)

The Other Way Around -8-

A sort of beginning and a sort of end.
ah, beginning?
Unpolished anyway.

And as they say "here there might be thygers"
0r misspellings :)

(Cleaned it up a little now.)

Side Affects, Chapter Five

A week after my first move in, I finally got to have my meeting with David and Min. In that time, I worked up my proposal, and when we had our meeting, I tried to have all the answers to any objections they’d have.

Side Affects, Chapter Four

That evening I got a surprise. Matt came by the hospital, after work, to see how I was doing and keep me posted on the latest developments with the company. We talked for a couple of hours about things. He asked if we could take the Monster, my old Peterbilt tractor and finally restore the truck that started the company.

Side Affects, Chapter Three

I sat in my bed and tried to watch TV, but the picture was small and of poor quality, and really, what would I watch on a Monday afternoon?  Renee asked me if there was anything I needed from the house as she put on her regular clothes. I controlled myself as I asked her to pick up my laptop and some DVDs.

Side Affects, Chapter Two

I woke up in a hospital bed. Renee was in a reclining chair, fast asleep. I tried to be quiet as I got up, but I still woke her. I had some sweat shorts and a T-shirt on, which had to be Renee’s work. She knows I truly hate hospital gowns. I heard her yawn, and then she told me to get out of the bed. As she climbed in, a nurse came in and asked if I would go next door to Mrs.

The Other Way Around -7-

Okay same as usual. In need of polish...
Hopefully readable anyway.

The Other Way Around -6-

Better warn that this one is a unpolished as can be, I'll have to see it online, and then probably have to clean it up.. But don't let that stop you from reading :)

Healing a Princess... 34 (Finding a lost Princess)

Healing a Princess 34


(Finding a lost Princess)


By Tim Knight



The Other Way Around -5-

Polishing done :)
I hope..


The Other Way Around -4-

Now this one is somewhat 'raw' and probably needs polish.
And I will, hopefully soon enough, 'polish it up'?
In time that is. :)

In the mean time, why don't you tell me what you think.


The Other Way Around -3-

Part -3-

The Octagonal Universe

The Other Way Around -2-

(So, A fellow traveler, are we? Well then, jump aboard:)

Chapter 2.

The Other Way Around -1-

This is fantasy. I promise it is, well, at least to my knowledge it is? If you can prove it otherwise contact me. I would love to open a travel agency :) He* I might even go there myself.


Knight and Dryad

In times past, when the sun seemed to grow cold and civilizations abated,
it fell to just a few to keep the flickering ember that was knowledge from fading.

Healing a Princes. . . 32 (Welcome to Blaire)

Healing a Princess : 32


(Welcome to Blaire)


Written by Tim Knight



Healing a Princess. . . 31 (Deals, Steals, and Warnings)

Healing a Princess: 31


(Deals, Steals, and Warnings)


Written by Tim Knight



Healing a Princess. . . 30 (Propositons)


Healing a Princess. . . 30
By Tim Knight

Healing a Princess. . . 29 ( Trout, Ale, and Magic)

Healing a Princess: 29


(Trout, Ale, and Magic)


Written by Tim Knight


A tail of Two Bloods


A Tail of Two Bloods

By Kitten

Chapter one: The Street Rat Fox

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