A tail of Two Bloods


A Tail of Two Bloods

By Kitten

Chapter one: The Street Rat Fox

The crowd was in awe of my skills as I was performing on the street with my lowly skills. Being what I am, I could use magic to perform illusions and target certain people for money, which I would quickly collect from by pick pocketing while their attention was kept above towards my magic. I quickly did my pick pocketing, while keeping the light show high above their heads. “Why do I have to do this…It’s not mine.” I hesitated, before pocketing my loot.

I quickly took my hand out and ran, luckily No body caught a good glimpse at the escaping illusionist as I ran through the back streets, taking my usual escape route. The town guards, a couple of bears, were behind me yelling for me to stop. “I’d love to stop, but if I do, I won’t get to eat tonight. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” I rounded a corner, and immediately crawled through a small hole in the wall, making my get away a success. “I wish I could pay him back…”

Later that night, after eating the measly dinner the 7 silver could afford me, I returned to my run down wreck of a home. I walked in and saw what was left of the ruin I called my own. It was a small shack, a dirty bed sat in the corner, with naught but a single blanket to keep me warm at night. A cracked mirror sat against the far wall, though cracked it still had its uses. “Another night in this dump,” I sighed. “Is this all there for me? Isn’t there more?” I looked up at the full moon shining brightly through the giant hole in the roof.

After a few minutes of staring I looked into the mirror and examined myself. I was wearing my father’s old robe which still had his scent on it even to this day. My mother never touched it so at least I won’t get chased for having her scent. I had a silver bracelet on my right wrist, and a fox tail poking out of the back of the robe. I pulled back my hood and let my Rabbit ears stretch. I had white hair to match my rabbit ears, red eyes, slightly tanned skin, and a very dirty complexion. “Why Father….why with Mother….a rabbit…even after The Law….” I thought into my reflection. I’m Kituki, 17 years old. And I am a mix blood.

About a thousand years ago, before the humans disappeared, they interbred with the animals, the human DNA deeply polluted the animal blood line. Now this was after the animals evolved like the humans, which caused them to take on more humanoid forms. Each person looked like a human, but with a slight difference. As you’ve noticed, they still keep their animalistic ears and tail.

A pure blood from most tribes banded together to create the Council of the Tribes. 600 years after the Council founded, they set out to run the humans from the land, thinking that would end it. Ten years later they succeeded, or so they thought. Three years before I was born, scientists found human DNA in one of what they thought were pure bloods. They then realized that the blood line was contaminated. In an attempt to purify the bloodline, the Council decided to add a law that prevented interbreeding between the races, and any mix bloods found after the law was made, would be killed.

A year later that law went into effect as well Enforcers assigned by the Council from the dog tribe, sent out to patrol the villages. Each unit consisted of Five Enforcers that could sniff out Mix bloods who were easier to find sooner as their polluted blood sends out strong scents early on in life, but as they grow, they are harder to find, and eventually smell like everyone else.
Now during the time the human bloods was found in the mix bloods, my Father a fox, and my mother a rabbit, were dating at the time and were deeply in love. They were freelancers so they weren’t up to speed on the happenings of the Council of Tribes. So they didn’t know about the law until well after it went into effect, and I was born.

My Father on top of being an illusionist was a silver charmer. He could take silver, and form it any shape and size that he wanted. It was useful as his silver bracelet was his strongest weapon when mixed with his magic, As long as he had it with him that is.

Mother was a freelance spell singer, and part time entertainer. She could do just about anything, and when she was with Father, those two were unstoppable. I don’t know why, but Mother couldn’t do that with anything else. That eventually lead to both of their deaths, for after I was born, my father was assassinated while out getting necessities, and my mother grabbed my four year old body, my father’s robe and fled as soon as they came for her.

She hid me in an alleyway, with the robe on and told me to wait for her to come back. She pulled the hood up over my ears, instructing me never to let anyone see them, and then fled. While waiting for her to come back, I saw my father’s silver bracelet in the pocket on the robe and placed it on my wrist so I wouldn’t lose it. Mother never came back. Since then, I’ve been struggling to survive the same way I did tonight, with pickpockets and illusions. I don’t like it, but I don’t have much of a choice.

I turned away from the mirror and lay down on my bed. “I wish there was a better life for me. Why did they do this to me….Mother….Father….why did you damn me to living the life of a street rat?” I rolled over and cried myself to sleep. “Will my life ever get any better?” Those were the last words I thought before I fell into the abyss of my dreams, and my nightmares.


Reasonable Start...

Since you had a lot of background to get us up to speed on, it's sort of slow going plotwise, but I'll be interesting in reading further.


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