Gamma Test

Gamma Trials

By: Annette MacGregor

Author's Note: Story removed by author. It's undergoing MAJOR modifications and may not be reposted here.  Sorry, for those that come looking.

probly for the best

that they buried this VR technology. I have a hard enuff time not getting permanently fused with them stories at BCTS! A clean little tale of the day just after tomorrow, Annette.
~~~hugs, Laika


It's great you look at the fusion of technology and reality and still ask that pivotal question of getting lost inside a game. Such an interesting universe you are creating. I really liked the way you posited that. I have to admit, I think we all think about how much time we vanish in any sort of game. But maybe we want the best of all possible worlds? Then again, I am understand you are expanding upon this essentially epistemological theme...I wanted to know a bit more about the exoskeletal creatures, they were intriguing. And I hope your coughing is not bothering you now, Annette!

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