The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 4


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -




* Chapter Four *

-The Creation Of Annie Begins-




         They approached a large transport container that was sitting in the cavernous space given to the wardrobe people. The man Tom... he first used a key he wore on a chain around his neck... then punched in a six digit code.... to fast for me to even follow... then he pulled out his wallet and used a magi-mastic-card in a reader!, crepes!, all that before the door to it would even open!


        “Now my lad, remember what you signed? You must tell not-one-single-soul! About what you see inside here today! EVER!”


        “Yes sir, I understand sir, and I won't.” replied Danny.


         “What say we get the face-scan done first Tom?... then, I can work on that and leave you two, Umm... boys, giggle, at least for a little while yet.... here in private for the next ah... revealing step?... giggle.” said Jenny.


         “Your logic my dear, is as impeccable as always!” said Tom with a laugh.

         “Just step up into the machine right there Danny... so we can get a scan of your head.”

         “Stay as still as your can now son, while it scans you... good... good.... Done!”

         “How's that one look... Okay to you Jenny?”


         “That's just perfect... I'll get started on the face piece, he's all yours to torture now sweetums! Giggle...” said Jenny.


         “WHAT! What are you going to DO?!?”


         “Jenny!... quit that now... your scaring the boy!, snicker.” exclaimed Tomas, “pay her no mind son... she's just having a bit-o fun with yeah.”

         “Now that's she's gone, climb out of them cloths now me-buck o' so we can get on with it now.”


          He proceeded to strip off all of his clothes down to his boxer-shorts.


          “Those to, me 'boy o'!”

          “Now stand still while I start the next step.” as the machine encased his body up to his eyes in a warm jell-like substance.

          “Tell me Danny, do you ever picture... or fancy yourself with having perhaps a beard... or say a mustache maybe when your older?”


          “Umm... fancy?... well not that it matters, really. My mom has told me that the males in our family never did get much past a scruff of hair like that... and for me... well, not to hold my breath waiting for such, so...” it was becoming quite difficult for him to even form the words now at this point, that jell seemed to be numbing his body every place it touched him.


          “How's that feel now?” asked Tom. When the boy could not even respond...

         “Good that's just what I was waiting for my boy.” He said and pushed a button on the console. The slight jerk, was barely felt as the jell removed all the boys body hair... not just from his face, but even from arms and their pits, chest, back and belly, his fanny and privates areas and his legs and feet... permanently, by the roots and all... shaving, will not be an issue for him to face ever again.

          Tom felt bad about the pits and privates anyhow... the boy didn't wish to be a girl, after all... but the body-suite he would need to wear required it. The machine then tilted him back and cradled his head and upper body and left his lower body hanging splayed legged and numbed-and-limp with his feet off of the floor.


           Tom approached him then... with a few things on a rolling cart with a Tri-Dee tube affixed on the top of it. He watched as he took a small tube-like deal with split end, and by watching the screen... inserted it in the end of his privates! It went in a ways and at the fork shown on the screen... he pushed a button and it split into two tubes.

           The cam continued following just one until... “Gods! That's!, that's in my balls!”

           it felt so damed freaky! The tubes end, then splayed open and lodged there. The mini-cam confirmed they both were set in place.


           “This next catheter will burn a might bit son, once we get passed the surface areas.”


            And it certainly did as it was pushed all the way to his bladder... where it splayed open as well. At this point, the man began tugging what seemed to be a human colored thin rubber suit up his legs. When it reached his crotch Tom said...


           “Now take a deep breath boy, and hold it!”


           As he followed the instructions... he felt his balls compressed and a strange thump from down there as they were stuffed back up inside his body cavity. The two tubes hanging out of him, were then connected to the suit and he was forced flat down and back... Umm... down there as the thing was then pulled up and over him to his waist.


         “This next bit's going to be a bit more uncomfortable my boy... but there's no other way to set it in place, I'm truly sorry son.”


          He watched as he took a small but quite long dilidoem-looking piece of equipment that had what looked like to rounded-off and retractable sleeves on the sides of it, and then... after adding some lube to it...

           “Oh, Gods!... this is worse than any doctors exam EVER!” is what he thought... as it was pushed slowly up inside of his rear!

          When he felt the push of the sleeved parts being activated?, when Tom thought it was far enough in... and he had pushed a button on the thing!... He screamed!, when they had suddenly shot forward and into him as well, bringing the suit part with it!... spreading him open down there with a very sharp pain!

          Then Tom pulled back on the thing with a sharp tug with it like that!, that seated the skin-suits execration-opening edges fully-opened inside, locking the suit against the inside parts of him!

           GODS! The feelings of such a violation, began to make him ILL! He all but spewed his lunch up when Tom shoved IN again on the thing and then pushed the button to retract the setting-sleeves, before giving the whole thing a quarter-turned twist and pulling it all back out! Dan's face had gone a bit Grey... and he was a bit shaky now and in a cold sweat!


           “There there now!, Danny my boy... that's the worst of it, and it's over now!” said Tom in attempt to reassure the boy.

           “Can't walk around for weeks with your butt plugged shut, now can you boy? The rest is just gluing points now.”

           At least... being done to you to make you match her by ME from here on anyhow... he didn't say that to the boy, but he certainly felt bad about the thought of it... that girls got a whole danged lot of pierced body-works stuff you'll need to get install too... after your all suited up.


           The process continued... but slower now. Some adhesive was poured into his belly-button and then the matching suit part was pressed and held over and into his real one... until it set.


          “Have to have a few bits set in place so that they locate properly when we activate the suit yeah ' know?”


          “Activate?... what do you mean by that?” asked Danny, at entirely to late a point in this, his latest adventure.


          “Well... you see son, once we get this here thing on you... you'll not just look the part, but even FEEL the part as well. Just like a real girl would they say... completely, right down to having intercourse with a male of your choice even!”


           “But!, I'm not!... I don't!... I wouldn't!” Danny sputtered out!


           “There now son... don't get yourself all worked up about it! Though, you may get a taste of and for what its like, anyhow... while doing some of the stunt-acting for your primary... that will be required. Kissing them and such like... the male actors mostly all seem to have egos the size of Jupiter, and you must at all times appear female.... to maintain our little technical secret. As per your signed contract. So, your to be introduced as a female stunt-woman to the crew. And not let anyone know any different... you understand me now? Danny?”


            “Oh, Gods!... GULP!, Yuh..Yeah... Yes sir!” oh, gods, oh, man... how did I Ever... Like!... let my self be railroaded into signing a contract I didn't even like... READ!, like that, and get myself into this kind of position?

             I!.. My Gods, I'll have to even kiss a... ah... a guy! Another Male!

            "Arrrrrrh!.... what the hell was THAT!” He almost arched his butt up right out of the seat!... and he lost all thought of his current plight with the intensely-pleasurable-jolt he just got from his concealed privates area and up through the very core of his body! Including an echoing and aching spike that now continued and pulsed from what was just glued over his left nipple. He was now breathing a bit harder and more rapidly.... his earlier abused stomach... only a bit lower-down... now felt quite strange!


             “Sorry! This is a conducting glue-jell that's used for attaching these bits.... I forgot to use my anti-static strap for this today! Just a bit of stray static voltage seems to have hit the uncalibrated-to and for you suit."

            ( How on earth could he feel it? It's still tuned into Ashley's body and nerves, not his!)

            "The ah... last one that wore it may have Umm... been running it turned up a bit higher than suits you? Nothing to be getting all that concerned about lad. No telling really... until we turn it all on and calibrate it anyhow.” Tom said and gave him a wink, as he attached the other side and got the same response again from the boy!

             “Perhaps not!” he said then... what sound had just escaped Danny's mouth when he did the attachment, was not a MALE sound at all! Perhaps this boy is even more like Ashley than he himself even realizes? His anxiety over what they were doing now to bring the boy to match his primary had just been greatly reduced by what had just transpired. He then put the boys hand into the finger-less glove looking part and covered his right arm, and then... did the left. Jenny had returned with the new face piece and heard the pleasurable and feminine moaning that had come from the boy and raised and eyebrow at her husband.

             He just looked at her with both his raised and gave her a shake of his head to let her know he hadn't tweaked the boy... as he moved away and showed the suit was not even sealed yet. At that her mouth dropped open as well! That meant voice-mods hadn't even been possible... not that she thought her husband would even consider doing anything like that to a boy that wasn't 'TG' like Ashley is.

            And even she had developed her voice on her own... they just fixed it there to stay that way while suited up. This child wasn't even fully suited and activated yet! Until then, mods were not even possible!,... so how and why did the boy make such?

           Unless.... could he be? Only time would tell, she thought as she began to glue the new face-match bit on him, it really hadn't taken much to match them... as her husband began to seal the back and work his way up to her newly added one where it met at the upper neck area.


            He wasn't pleased when she jammed the bits in his ears and even less the ones up his noes, but he knew why she had and considered it as far better than what happened,... below?... Bellow!?,'s more like it!... but when she pushed the stuff into his mouth and began running her finger over the new lips she had glued-over his and now were being sealed -edged- inside!

            It felt so sensuous... it was doing things to him!... as she continuously ran her fingers over the lips and around the inside... My Gods! He shuddered at the tingles... she was creating!


            She really had to work at it to contain her giggles at what such attachments as these.... unactivated ones even as yet!, were already doing to this boy! If he's not like Ashley, it's because he's even worse off in this way than she ever was! This suit seems like it was tuned to him as well, very strange... that!

            How could he Get to his Age... so deprived of any and all such intimate style contact amazed her! This poor boy may well be overwhelmed by such an increased amount of sensual loading... while in this body... (she shook her head) and those egotistical males.... that it will be... coming into contact with.... you'll be having intensely boosted contact with the males here soon, in some rather intimate ways... well!, it will certainly test to the limit, his male self image.

            It may not even survive and be washed away... however, giggle!


           “Giggle! That you exist... and are a 'GG' as far as she knows!... the competition you'll present for Ash... with her new co-star and heart-throb and his intimate-contact type screen time with you!, should be good for her though! Giggle."

           " She'll either love you to death... and be glued to you, or... she will wish you were dead. Difficult call my dear!” she said aloud to the new girl then... as the suit was sealed-up, and the boy vanished.... it was all girl now!


            “Great!, anything else I need to start worrying about now...? he asked. He never heard the response to his question, as Tom had just activated the suit and it began to Squeeze his middle and ribs down and pull at his skin!, and twisted the muscles at his hips and lower body and changed it's posture in unfamiliar ways!

           The new weight that now pulled at his front... would not allow him/her a formally comfortable slump... such position now hurt her back...and the...eeeaaahh!, gods!, the sensory input alone!, as the cool air in this room blew across and caressed and soon engorged her bare nipples and exposed clitoris and made her real-seeming vagina become moist.

          The bodysuit was not just more sensitive than his former skin... but... he knew his vagina was now getting so wet!, that he never had one before didn't seem relevant!, this suit somehow corrected for it?... combined with his new breasts, and how they felt! Every part of the suit covered body was now sending sensual input into his brain!


           “Jenny?, what do you make of this read-out here?”


           “HO, GODS!, Tom! No wonder the boys a basket case right now!, the things set all the way up at MAX! Don't you tell me that's how Ash left it?!


            “Worse!, she did... and she must have done something with it like that and jammed it so it would stay that way... see?... 115.9% it's past max setting... don't know how she managed to do it, but...”


             “Well, shut it down!, and we'll get him out of it... we'll have to give him one of her other suits!”






             “This is the prototype, ah,..type? Remember the specs on suit one?”


             “Dear gods!, he's stuck with it like that!, for the next two weeks! Like this!”


             They never even noticed the grin that grew on the new girls face and almost split it in half at THAT news! She was now playing with herself while the couple were talking and attempting to brain-pan up a solution to the problem!, they felt that leaving her like she was, WAS!

              The escalating conversation ended when the new stunt-girl experienced her first female style Big 'O' and wasn't very quiet about the fact! What she said when she got her wits back together after a bit... after THAT? Well... she just quashed the whole argument!


             “Gods!, it's like... Perfect!, I love it!, don't change a single danged thing!” he wasn't really thinking straight yet... yes, he loved the way this body made him feel. Yes!, he felt more alive now than he had ever felt before. He wished to keep it for a while... just, like , this! What he was not considering however much he should... was... would he ever even be able to concentrate enough with all this to do a stunt like this though? And he wasn't even done yet!


             The couple could see the former boy was so suit-stimulated and endorphin and adrenalin loaded... she almost visibly vibrated as she stood there looking at them. They were not happy campers, but if she calmed down a bit... perhaps?... they would still be able to pull this off.


             “I got an idea... “ said Jenny.

             “She has to start smoking these things before tomorrow anyhow, and... quit frankly at the moment?, I could use one of these myself!” she said as she opened a carton of ciggs and handed one pack to her...

             “Here, ah... well I can't keep calling you Danny... so, lets just drop the 'D' and make it your middle initial for... for Delila!,  then shall we Annie?” she asked as the new girl looked at the pack of cigarettes being held out to her in Jenny's hand.


             “UM... ah... didn't they say?, like... men shouldn't smoke or even handle them to even so much as package these things?” the newly christened girl... Annie D. Stone asked.


              “I don't know anything about that sweetie... I smoke them now and then myself, they help to calm me. Besides, you sort-of halve-to, it's listed as such in your contract with the big-brass that you signed upstairs at noon today."

              "Well... maybe not as such, but at least you would have to like... fake it?, and who knows?, you may even find that you like them... so just try one for me please? Your far too hyper right now for me to out-fit you with a wardrobe and do your make-over is right-out if your like this... and it's getting on a bit now in the day now here.”


              He took the pack-thing from her gingerly and just looked at it. Something was knocking at the back of his mind... saying don't do it! But no reasoning for not even trying one of them had followed the thought saying 'WHY' he should not.


               “We have to be on the set, dressed and ready to go at 6 AM in the morning dear... do you plan to sleep at all tonight?”


              Okay, he got the point she was pushing on him and opened the pack and took one out and lit-up and took a small drag off it and inhaled it. The taste was pleasantly minty-cool... smooth on his throat... and... my goodness!, he could feel it was relaxing him the longer he held it in his lungs! He let it out and took a longer drag this time and took it deep!

               And held it... the tension drained from him slowly as he smoked that one down and put it out and quickly lit another one... and his body began to stop it's vibrating.

               It wasn't until it had fully stopped that he even noticed that it had been doing so! And that was well after he had got some clothes on... and while they were walking and talking together to her salon area and he was now smoking the last of his third one!

             The machine she stuck his head into amazed him! It used air at high-speed rushing past to hold the hair out where it was micro-cut and surgically bonded with a much longer strand of human hair of the same color! One hair at a time while Jenny proceed to manicure and add talons that extended almost two inches beyond his much smaller now? At least seemingly so, fingers.

             Just how did they manage that one? I have a completely girlish looking set of hands now... wait! The suit wasn't?

             No! It was fingerless! He glanced down at his newly painted and so pretty little toes... they weren't a suit part either... and said,

            “Gosh... Ashley's tastes in lip and nail colors now-a-days is just like... AB-FAB!”

              Then, after he began thinking about what he just said...

            “Why am I thinking such a femme thing?... Man... like... where did THAT one even come from!?”he said as he lit a fresh ciggy.


            “Your doing just fine dear... better than fine, so just go with it sweetie, it's perfect!... and at this rate we'll have you trained into the world of teen-girl-dom in no time!... and you were just so right about it my dear girl, she herself just picked that one out, how-ever did you know that?... and she went against my recommendations doing so too...!” replied Jenny.


             “Umm... Ah... I like... don't really know? Annie said, as he held his hands out before him with the palms faced away from him to admire the new nail-job...

            “but it's just such a gorgeousness with them like... all painted that color now? But, I like... will have to just totally change these cloths now! As these just clash with this color!, at least... I... Umm.. I think I'll have to do so?”

             His mouth was just running on auto and making statements that seemed to come to him completely out of left field at this point!

              “GODS!, I'll be getting urges to go shopping and stuff soon at this rate!, what the hells happening to me!?!” he was now upset again and unconscionably lit a fresh ciggy to think about it!

              This calmed him again somewhat and continued to work it's drug-laden conversion on his mind and how he though-about things as it begin it's work on his body... now that the concentrations of it had reached a high enough level finally.... to break-down and start to re-distribute his testosterone-laden tissues that were now not only testosterone receptor blocked, but being flooded with estrogen and progesterone and many other girl type growth hormones!


               She had no time to teach him much make-up tonight, so she just used semi-permanent stuff on Annie's face. All was going along swimmingly!, as he, Annie... was to busy in his thoughts... to see Jenny line-up the two guns to her ears and punch the screen calling up Ashley's profile.... for four piercings in each of Annie's ears, as well as all the others that Ashley currently had.

              Until she activated it and it added all the earrings to the new girls ears all in one go!

             When she then opened her mouth to pitch a fit? The gun clamped her tongue, and did the two balls in the middle of it and the ring with ball on it in the tip of it that Ashley has!

              And before she could get over that! It did the green one... right-on-through the right side of her nose, and then added a copy of the fancy ring in the eyebrow she has on that same side!

              When it, the whole machine? swung around in front of the girl?... she just had to laugh!,

              The look on Annie's FACE!


             He didn't think it funny.... he was now thoroughly frightened!, and he could swear that  it ( the piercing machine) was looking at him menacingly!

             When it then grabbed and did both his new nipples!,...

             "GODS-th! DAMN-IT-th!"  It did a pain/pleasure thing to him that made him arch his belly up!, just as it wanted!... as it next gave him a cute matching Thrice-pierced belly-ring-thingy then!... with little dangling bits and such that hung down off it, tickling his new flesh!... just like the ones his nipples and lower ears now sported by then! The tongue peircings had just gave to him... her sooo cute little bit of a lisp that she spoke with now as well.


              More stuff to drive him stimulation-nuts! Or just plain NUTS! His throat was so tight now that he seemed to have become stuck with her cute-si little girls voice as well... as well as having the lisp... just like she has! Gods! please, please don't let this be perminant!, is what he thought.


             Jenny hit the call button to Ashley's place on her desk in the salon without activating the wall-display screen... and she then put on her ear-receiver.


              “Oh, God-th-s!... like I needed even more thin-th-gs wr-right now th-ou th-ickle my skin and all... and dis-th-ract me even more!?”

              The long and curly hi-lighted hair he now had... lay tickling on his back even after she had tied it back and into an up-do mostly... just a few wisp curled down each side of Annie's face now.


             “And with this all but back-less-th!, black number I'm... I was-th!... now out-fitted... NO!, I got poured into!,.. or had spray-th-ed onto me!, after tha-th clashing colors statement I made... and the thing leaves my belly and most of my legs bare as well most of the time!"

             "Like if I even figging moved!, what little this thing actually covered, even WITH the bleeping halther top!, it... covered less than a damned bikini!,... My breasths!, they'll... this Dress!, it was obscene!” he stated vehemently in a oh so girlish-lisping rant!, as he lit another ciggy!, and began to pace up and down the room with a models runway strut.... in the five inched matching spikes that matched the dress in the barely-anything-there theme, that Jenny had put onto his feet!


            Jenny was giggling at the so- total-Ashley-acting vision strutting in anger before her as her husband walked into the room.


            “Ashley!, Geezer Girl!, your not supposed to be back in here until Friday! What's wrong now kiddo?” exclaimed Tom, as he looked around for the whereabouts of the newly-minted stunt-girl.

            As the defiantly- Ashley- when she's been pissed-off over something... mumbled curses under her breath, and strutted back and forth while smoking.


            “Where's Sab at Ash? I thought you two were leashed together or some such? I know you can't discuss much when your torqued-off like this, so I'd best just ask her.” he said as he looked at her pace...

            “AH!, never mind I got it!,... your contacts are missing!, wait.... Ash has naturally Green...!"

            "WOW! Annie! D Stone!... just wow Girl!, I didn't know you could act too kiddo!”


            That statement had Jenny collapsing in giggle-fits on the floor!, when Dan/Ann just said..


            “Huh?! Like... who's friggin acting!, I'm really pissed-off here, with a hand on her out-thrust hip and a single finger on the other hand raised in warning at him!, not to even ask why!, then it pointed in his direction, then out the door! And she even had a ciggy hanging out of her mouth now as she was speaking... just like Ashley does!”


             “Well?..... girls? What do you think of your stunt-double Ashley?”


            “Christ-all-mighty Ash!, that girl is so YOU, it's scary!”


             “What!, Like your saying I'm that bad?”


             “Ash!, I got you putting that very-same dress on last week!... on tape! YOU, my dear... went OFF! Just like she's doing now. WOW!... like... word for word here she's just a totally Ash-spewing girl! Like... your twin broth.. Um... sister!, separated at birth kinda shit is going on here!


              “Sabrina!, I'm an only-frigging-child!, You!, of all people!, should know and remember that factoid!, Like!... get real!, Like,What?, they put ONE of a set of twins into an orphanage and then they keep one?"

              " You keep dreamin there girlfriend! Like!, you could even like, Handel?, more than one of me! Huh!”


              “Girl? If she says it!... I, just! I wanna call my Mommy at the end of this rant.... like you did.... I'm seriously gonna personally draw it out girl! Blood!, and get you two's compared!"


              “This... this... Thing! She's put me in is positively indecent!, even if it IS a faked-and-covered-up fully Me!, it's... just not!... it doesn't FEEL that way to ME!, now just GO!” Annie screamed stomped a foot and began to cry... his emotions were now just flying all over the place!

              "I, just!     Please.... I wanna call my Mom!"


             “Okay, Sabby-baby!... she just totally creeped me out that time too!, cause, even 'I' remember saying that whole last bit from the 'Thing!' state-ment-ON!  And word for word! LIKE!... Who IS this chick' Ah...!?”


             “Would you like to speak with her Ashley?” asked Jenny.


              “LIKE!,... For REAL!” said Ashly.


             Jenny got up from the floor still giggling and reached over the console front... and hit a button on her desk. And then announced....

            “Ms. Annie Delila Stone! May I present! Ms. Ashly Delila Dodds!”

             And at that statement, the ranting Annie's head snapped up at the now active wall-screen and her mouth dropped open and she spouted...

             “ASHLEY Delila DODDS!, Like!.... For REAL!?” at the same time Ashley said...

            “Annie Delila Stone!?”

            “But... Stone's my mom's maiden....” said Ashley in an almost whisper, but Annie heard it.

              They both then said in stereo... and quite LOUDLY,  “Your fucking shitting ME!... Your just Kidding me here Right?”


              Jenny and Tom who was now back in the room lost it completely!

              Sabrina though, was then frightened and excited... hearing them speak, both ways like that at once?... like, she was blown right out of her mind by that!, and had almost wet her panties! Frightened, they would be found out now!, Like For Sure! But also excited at... possibly, maybe... having them both, Like... together in her bed with her at once!




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