A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 20 (Final Chapter of Book One)


This is the final chapter of Book One for now,
but there may be more added later.

“I know why you are here. I have already read your mind. I also know where the others are and I will soon recapture them and bring them back. You want to tell me about your god. Correct?” Pharaoh mentally projected these thoughts to Lizzie Jane's mind. He knew that he was correct, but wanted Lizzie Jane to confess her plans.
A 23rd Century Girl
in the 20th Century
Chapter 20
(Final Chapter of Book One)
“Jake," replied Linda, "I will go with her. I know more about self-defense than she – and much more than you. I know you think a man should stand by his wife, but sometimes another female would be much better.
“She's right,” said Dr. Ledbetter. “I have seen her and Lizzie Jane in action.”
“I would rather my daughter not go, but I must admit it might be the best thing. She has rescued me twice,” agreed Jim.
While Jake stood there thinking, Linda started up the hill following Lizzie Jane. Jake started, too, but the men grabbed him and said, “Let them go.”
At the entrance of the tunnel, Lizzie Jane turned around and saw Linda. “What is going on?” she asked.
“Remember, we are a fighting machine,” smiled Linda. “Lead the way.”
Lizzie Jane smiled back and both girls disappeared into the tunnel.
Arriving at the underground area where part of the group had been kept prisoners, they looked around, did not see any sign of opposition, so they started up the stairs created by steps that had been dug into the clay wall.
Guards spotted the girls about the same time the girls saw them.
“We want to see the Pharaoh,” demanded Lizzie Jane with a determined voice, realizing that they were only reading her mind.
Not showing signs of any opposition, the guards walked ahead of the girls until they came to the huge doors leading to Pharaoh's throne. The guards must have mentally told the door keepers the content of the visit because the keepers entered the throne room, closing the door behind them. In a couple of minutes, they returned and mentally told the girls that Pharaoh would see them.
Lizzie Jane and Linda curtsied with bowed heads as proper young ladies and waited for the Pharaoh's permission to converse with him.
“I know why you are here. I have already read your mind. I also know where the others are and I will soon recapture them and bring them back. You want to tell me about your god. Correct?” Pharaoh mentally projected these thoughts to Lizzie Jane's mind. He knew that he was correct, but wanted Lizzie Jane to confess her plans.
“Yes your highness. I serve the true and living God,” answered Lizzie Jane.
Pharaoh smiled and did something that was very difficult even for him, but he wanted the practice. He opened the minds of both girls so that they would know how he would reply.
Pharaoh replied, “I can see from your thoughts that you know about the famine that brought us here. There was a lad named Joseph who warned our people about the matter, but our gods knew about it long before that and that is why they brought us here – to protect us. Then a man named Moses tried to destroy our nation, but we had already been transported to this place. You see, our many gods are more powerful than your one God.”
He smiled as he relished the thought of proving his gods superior.
“If your god is so powerful, let him now speak and show his power. Our gods have already shown their power,” bragged Pharaoh.
At that moment, the palace began to tremble. Pharaoh smiled. “Is that all your god can do? That is just a little shaking of the earth caused by the laughter of our gods. If there were any danger, our gods would have known in advance and saved us as they did before.”
Confident that nothing could happen that would seriously harm his throne, Pharaoh continued,“Our gods have ships that fly through the air. They are training us to take over the world and they will reign through us. We will control the world!” exclaimed Pharaoh. At that moment, Pharaoh formed an image of his gods so the girls would know more about them.
Linda's face show signs of surprise, her eyes opened wide.
Pharaoh's eyes opened wide, also, as he read Linda's mind. “You destroyed our gods? That is impossible! No human can destroy a god!”
Linda grabbed Lizzie Jane by the hand. “Let's go. His gods were the creatures that Father and I destroyed in the cave. They were the ones from the UFOs.”
Lizzie Jane realized what was happening. She had been sent to be a witness to this Pharaoh whose only ambition was to take over the world through power given him by the UFO beings. He had openly made a mockery of God and it appeared that heavenly judgment had been pronounced.
As the girls ran, the palace crumbled behind them. Barely missing falling columns, huge stones and various other falling pieces of the building, they ran down the clay stairway and out though the tunnel with everything collapsing behind them.
Jake was the first to see the girls running down the hill. “There they are! They are safe!”
“Thank goodness,” exclaimed Ruth.
“When the earthquake began, we were worried about you. There was a sense that it was going to be a bad one,” added Dr. Ledbetter.
“Well, I think we have seen the last of them. Let me rest and I will tell you all about it,” answered Lizzie Jane.
After hearing the complete story, everyone were amazed.
“There must be something to this church business,” said Linda. “Our religion in the future does not support anything like this.”
Lizzie Jane smiled. “I have my answer as to what God wants me to do. He needs a missionary in this part of the world and I am going to stay.”
“Now, wait a cotton-picking minute...” Jake started to speak.
“Husband, if you don't want to stay, you don't have to. But, this is what God has called me to do and I am going to do it,” stated Lizzie Jane. “George will be with me. Back home, he would have to live in the woods with a chance of getting shot. Here he can be free.”
“No wife of mine is going to stay here,” replied Jake – and then he added “-- alone.”

“I knew you would stay with me,” answered Lizzie Jane. “When I traveled back through time and spent that year in the jungle, God was preparing me for this.”
“How about us?” asked Linda.
“Well, there is a river. The Bible says all rivers run into the sea. With a raft, you can make it back. I know you will because I will pray for you. Remember, God of our Bible is great and the only true and living God. He will take care of you.”
“I am not going to argue with that. I will mark this spot on a map and I will return with a helicopter to check on you every once in awhile,” said Dr. Ledbetter.
“How about Maudie? Remember, she almost died once when she thought you were gone,” asked Ruth.
“That is because she thought I was dead. She will understand what I am doing – I assure you.”
The next day saw the group ready to push off on the raft. “Are you sure about this?” asked Dr. Ledbetter.
“As sure as can be,” replied Lizzie Jane.
Standing on the bank of the river as the group pushed off stood Lizzie Jane and Jake – and, of course, George – waving goodbye. A sad departure but with hope of good things that may lie ahead.

The End of Book One
“A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century”

Copyright 2009 by Starla Anne Lowry


George Of The Jungle

Has an entirely new meaning now. Or should I say Jansa of the Jungle [Electric Company[ or Rita, The jungle Girl? [D.C ] May Your Light Forever Shine

George of the Jungle (Reply)

I guess I have three stories to complete.

All of my stories connect, so it would be difficult for someone to read the last one and know what all is going on. When I started, I had no idea where I was going.

But, the reader can look now back and see how everything fits together in preparation for Lizzie Jane's missionary endeavor. For instance, why is she not afraid of an unknown jungle? (She was at one time -- remember?)

As for Linda and the rest -- they haven't gotten back home to Alabama yet.


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