The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 3


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -




* Chapter Three *

Meeting Of The Minds-

 Or, Danny gets Snowed!







         " A Daniel Stone is here to see you sir?”

         “Send him right in, would you please Tammy?”


         “DANNY!, My Boy!... so glad you could come. This here is Tom and Jenny of Specter Creations Limited, they will be the people who are in charge of making you match your primary... “


         “Primary, sir?”


         “Yes Danny, that's what we movie people call the person you'll be stunting for... you'll be called by her name with a two after it.”


         “HER?... Umm... sir?”


         “Tom, Jenny?” asked Bob with a single raised eyebrow. They both gave a vigorous nodding, Tom gave a thumbs up and announced that he was, “Doable!” Jenny then said, “Yes... some colored contacts to make the blue eyes match her green ones and do away with those awful glasses... some hair extensions and some high-lights... she'll be just perfect!”


          “Well then, lets have you take a seat here my boy and lets get you started here on the paperwork then!"


         "Tammy? Could you be a jewel and bring in a full stunt-person packet for me please?”


         “Right away Mr. Wellington!”


          This was moving way to fast! A GIRL? They want me to be a stunt double for a GIRL! It was like his worst nightmare come to life! Ever since I let my mom... dress me as Cinderella that time... gods!, they've been positively heaping the abuse on me about it! Now they want me to stunt double for a girl? Gods!, I'd like... never EVER live it down!


         “Class one stunts for the main actress... at schedule one pay rate. Quite an accomplishment for your very first time out in the field my boy!”

         “Your CV... Hmm... list all the skills we need you for it seems... air-boosted jumps, diving, both para and hang-gliders, net falls, mock-fights, and the driving skills... however much you don't look old enough, you do have a valid driving license don't you my boy?”


         “Umm... yes sir I do, but...”


         “Fine... Fine, I'll just need you to let me get a copy of it... oh speaking of that... passport?, you have a passport as well don't you?”


         “Umm... no sir, I... well... I've never needed one before sir.”


         “Hmm... that could be a serious problem here... them folks over at the bu-rows dept. don't seem to even work in the same time-stream as the rest of us mortals... and, we are doing the finish scene down in Mequidico.... Hmm...”


          Jenny butted in with, “Bob?, we could just get a duplicate of Ashly's, that only takes just a few days... he could fly down as her and just stay in costume... I was going to recommend that anyhow... due to the, Umm... nature of it?, anyhow... and they will be on separate flights down there anyhow, if I remember?”


          “She's flying down in a private plane the next day I believe... and he'll be going down with the other stunt people first on a commercial flight anyhow.”


           “Yes! Excellent idea there Jenny!”


           “Ashly?” interjected Danny... they can't mean Ashly Dodds?!, he thought.


           “OH!, why YES!... did I not say? We need you to stunt-double for Ms. Dodds.”


            Now he was in a real quandary... all that money doing my first real job as a stuntman, plus the chance to like.... meet and maybe even, like... talk to Ashly Dodds!, vs... my name rolled out forever in the Guarantied-to-be-a-hit movie... in the pre, and finish-credits... with me listed there as her stunt double!?

           Forever! OH Gods!, why me? Why does it always have to be just some-one-thing... to curse me like this!

           He was in his own world and had missed the last few minutes of their talking.


           “Just put your John Hancock on the places with the little red arrows here... here... here... yes, and on these from the wardrobe folks. It's a standard non-dis... they won't even let ME!, see how they will make you look like her, HA!”

           “Tammy? Could you take this young mans license and make a copy of it, and then use the info on it to get this packet done up and express it off over to the guilds today?    Great!      Your such a wonder my dear!”

             “Okay!... here's your ID back... and it's off with you to the dungeons now boy!... so these two can get you outfitted!”


              He never even had time to think! “Umm... Mr. Wellington?... about my ride home?”


             “Hmm... yes quite right! Can't have that, and just the publicity issues alone, you as her... Hmm... we'll have put you at the condo with the other effects people I'd imagine.”


             “Bob?... we can't... she'll be...”


             “Oh!, goodness me!, That's Right! They're all good boys! But...”

             “Hmm... well, I suppose since you are saving the production, a condo of your owns only fitting!”

             "Oh!, and Jenny?"


              "Yes Bob...? she replied while rolling her eyes, "What else?"


             “See to it that she has all of what she'll need for her off hours and such like then as well, clothes makeup... all that stuff the teen girls all seem to need these days. She can ride in and out with them other stunt-folks though... I'm sure they would look-out for one of there own!”

             “Oh! He'll need her brand of ciggs to, as well!, she's IS after all a smoker and she's even smoking them all the time on camera in this one, so...  Now don't get rilled I'm not saying he should start smoking them, gods forbid!... A GUY who smokes!"

              "HA!... Nope, but!... he'll need to at least be able to fake it somehow though... you'll have to see to it that he practices, and the more he does it, and the sooner... the better!”


              “Six AM's the call-in-time I'm told, for tomorrows, morning shoot. Make sure he... Umm... she's there on time out-fitted and ready to go! The directors been up my rear all day over all the delays!”


              The only part he even heard then, was that he would have his very-own condo!

             “Ma's gonna positively FLIP when I call and tell her THAT!” he thought as they walked him down to be given his body changing device... the prep for it wasn't exactly pleasant... and then he would receive his very first make-over complete with long curly hair, the make-up, all Ashley's existing jewelery, ( and Boy!, err... Girl!, she's got a lot! ), he'll be body-hair-less'ed and softened skin'ed and have pretty painted toes and new glamor-length painted nails! Giggle!





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