Mature Subjects

Mature Subjects

Containing themes or elements appropriate for mature readers

Containing themes or elements appropriate for mature readers


Chapter1: Fresh Start

Maybee is a dull town, I thought as I got out of my father’s jeep and walked up the sidewalk to our new house. It was mid-august, and we had just moved, again. The ninth move in two years. I looked up at the house, an ugly two story yellow thing that very closely resembled a large box, and sighed.

Side Affects, Chapter Five

A week after my first move in, I finally got to have my meeting with David and Min. In that time, I worked up my proposal, and when we had our meeting, I tried to have all the answers to any objections they’d have.

Side Affects, Chapter Four

That evening I got a surprise. Matt came by the hospital, after work, to see how I was doing and keep me posted on the latest developments with the company. We talked for a couple of hours about things. He asked if we could take the Monster, my old Peterbilt tractor and finally restore the truck that started the company.

Side Affects, Chapter Three

I sat in my bed and tried to watch TV, but the picture was small and of poor quality, and really, what would I watch on a Monday afternoon?  Renee asked me if there was anything I needed from the house as she put on her regular clothes. I controlled myself as I asked her to pick up my laptop and some DVDs.

Side Affects, Chapter Two

I woke up in a hospital bed. Renee was in a reclining chair, fast asleep. I tried to be quiet as I got up, but I still woke her. I had some sweat shorts and a T-shirt on, which had to be Renee’s work. She knows I truly hate hospital gowns. I heard her yawn, and then she told me to get out of the bed. As she climbed in, a nurse came in and asked if I would go next door to Mrs.


by Joyce Melton


I had a weird dream about working on a series of kid's books. They were illustrated and I wish I could draw like that. Some of it looked a lot like Brad Guigar's art on Evil, Inc.

One of the books was about a young owl discovering things. It was called, "Nobody Really Likes Liver."

F**k Up ~ Part 3


I wheel my protest sign up to the 3rd floor. These sweetheart nurses are not so sweet now. "That is just ........ lovely."
I am halfway through Ob-Gyn when Miles catches up to me. "Goddamn it Roger! They'll fire you for sure for this!"
"I know, but Vince really needed this. Someone had to tell that swine off!"
"Security to second floor." says a voice from overhead.
"But what about the position this puts me in? I sure don't want to be the one who has to hold you for the sheriffs. Just put that away and get your ass off the grounds. And I think you need to find yourself some other place to stay..."
F**k uP
by Ronnie Prima

F**k Up ~ Part 2


My immediate boss was Vince, a hunched little character in a flat top who looked alarmingly like my father. Same basic face, like my dad had been put through a shrinking machine- one of those older models that left its payload oddly distorted; long dwarf's torso with a crease in the middle like he could fold up + fit in a suitcase going yapyapyapyapyap! A long term navy man who had LUXURIATED in that whole routine, everything "Sir/Yes Sir!" and polishing the widget-mounts; A fundamental intolerance for spontenaity or surprises ............ And with his anchor tattoos, cartoon New Yoiky accent and lumpy bald dome I soon came to think of him as Popeye. Only without the chuckle, the goodness or the heart ........... Eye Pop the evil Anti.
F**k uP
by Ronnie Prima

F**k Up ~ Part 1


Occasionally I go spend the day at the old deserted airport ....... Signal Hill is pretty neat too- a barren hump covered with seesawing pumps, rusty oil tanks and the foundations of long-demolished houses ........ There is an ugly bar at a bowling alley I go to in the morning when no one bowls. But since it's so much cheaper to go drink in some park, bars are really not an option for me ....... And those gay ones I used to go to don't interest me, since I pretty much gave up on the whole idiot notion of sex ...... Nor am I interested in the fellowship of "others of my kind", since I'm no longer sure that I even HAVE a kind...
F**k uP
by Ronnie Prima

Where Fury! Ends, Mayhem Begins

There was an intoxicating pulse in the city tonight, it seemed to reach out and caress Salandra, begging her to succumb to it's allure.  Something about this night in Chicago reminded her of the City of Angels, whispering and beckoning to her, that it had been too long since she'd frolicked in the seedy nightlife of a big city.  The novelty of being alone and unrecognized fueled her q

Dem Bourgeois Adventurers Go Hero by R.K.Galvez

1: in which VeeCee and Von RapArd get dropped by their rich benefactors.

Thorn of Hearts

“Ouch!  Oh…ouchity…ouch…ouch!”  Li-eira practically hopped on one foot as her body processed the painful prickling of a vine of thorns.  She had been reaching for one of the loveliest pink roses and had carelessly neglected to see the patch of briars that was protecting it.  Ugly red welts were already chasing the scratch up her arm, and the

Those Follies of Timeless Fancies by R.K.Galvez





To Gamussi Rubello[a.k.a.Old Gammy Rubb]:

The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 4


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -




* Chapter Four *

-The Creation Of Annie Begins-



Dr. Sleepypuppy

It's December 1985. Jack Nemo has had no sleep for several nights in a row. It has been one weird interruption after another for this elderly homeless fellow. Terribly fatigued, he boards a city bus, simply hoping to catch a few z's out of the rain. But little does he realize that this bus---and existence as he knows it---are about to take a sudden detour into a chaotic realm of unrelenting strangeness, presided over by the chthonic entity known as...

Dr. Sleepypuppy
by  Laika  Pupkino

Tired of Death. (Reformatted!!)

Theodore the White swung his sword mightily, cleaving the zombie in two. It disintegrated in a dry explosion of dust and bone, choking him. Another of the monsters reached for him from behind, forcing him to reverse a short way and use his elbow barbs to fend if off. He felt the spike pierce rotten flesh, and heard the sickly sound of trapped air escaping from the zombies’ gut.

The Midnight Tower R - Prologue - Voice

[This chapter contains some violence. It's pretty heavy, but not too bad, in my opinion. If it is too much, I apologize, but I don't know the standards you're used to here.]

The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 3


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -




* Chapter Three *

Meeting Of The Minds-

 Or, Danny gets Snowed!


The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 2

* Chapter Two *

The Show Must Go On!




       “Well guys, looks like you can start packing it up.” said the production manager, Bob Wellington.


The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 1

This story is of a different parallel dimension, though it's much like ours. The technical advances are of a more biological nature and the plant life looks the same but has much different and more friendly properties for the humans that live there. In this one, only some of the females even smoke at all. It's not even hazardous for them... in fact it's loaded with beneficial natural hormonal stuff! Only the wise elder women even know of the benefits of it. Such stuff when smoked makes men ill in the mornings for days... naturally, for the first week or so at least... and they leave it well enough alone, though only such women and doctors... know the why of it.


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -

-By- PattieBFine


*Chapter One*

Where's The Beef?


Walk Normal In Norwalk

(0..0) .|.▄▄..▲▓*..*
(my couple of days in the nut house)
by  Roger  Di Prima

Planet Jerk

Roger, Jerk & Roseanna---street people---spend the rainy winter of 1979 hunkered down in a banged up little mildew infested Dodge Dart. Be it ever so humble, it's home...

by Roger Di Prima

A Clockwork Fruit

In the brave new world of tomorrow everyone is normal. But Timothy Roberts has a terrible secret. Despite being a product of the same genetic engineering and mind control implants as everyone else, and despite the government's insistance that mental aberrations like homosexuality and gender conflict are a thing of the past, he has known since adolescence that he's gay. He lives a life of deeply closeted desperation, haunted by the fear that he might be the last homosexual on Earth...

a clockwork fruit
by laika pupkino

The Children of Lilith (Chapters 1-3)

The Children of Lilith

By Daughter of Theon
All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
Leo Tolstoy:-Anna Karenina


The disappearance of a local high school girl has been on the news for several days now. A compact disk arrives at the police station relating a grotesque and utterly unbelievable tale. Is it the product of a deranged imagination or a factual account of an all-too-real horror lying just outside of our known reality?



by Laika Pupkino

Canyon Sketches

Excerpts from a longer work:

The Canyon Sketches
(An Irreverent History)

A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century -- Chapter 9


             Linda’s New Life

                             Chapter 9

                    By Starla Anne Lowry
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