Amanda's Eyes

I have just read chapter 14

You continue to maintain the same high standards of writing that first attracted me to the story.

I have a friend who is blind; she is married with a 5 year old daughter, who seems to take her mother's lack of sight as 'situation normal'. The blind woman plays piano, harp, violin, clarinet and is trained to practice reflexology. Oh, and she also writes songs in East European languages. Just to add to the mix, she also has a BA degree in geography.

Her vocabulary doesn't contain the word "can't."

She puts me to shame.

Back to the story... I'm really glad to see Ken and Amanda developing a relationship. Amanda isn't useless - merely visually challenged. Ken has the makings of a lovely life partner if he will continue to adapt to Amanda's needs, not wants; likewise Amanda, if she will accept a little help, but stop feeling sorry for herself. Blindness isn't the end of the world.


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