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Side Affects, Chapter Five

A week after my first move in, I finally got to have my meeting with David and Min. In that time, I worked up my proposal, and when we had our meeting, I tried to have all the answers to any objections they’d have.

The War of Inclusiveness


A Future Fable by Laika Pupkino
We killed off the last of those stupid religious people. Removed their force of blindness from this Earth. They were the last real impediment to human progress, the last stronghold of deliberate ignorance, what they called faith. Our faith was in what could be measured. And what we believed in was humanity. Us. People.

Side Affects, Chapter Four

That evening I got a surprise. Matt came by the hospital, after work, to see how I was doing and keep me posted on the latest developments with the company. We talked for a couple of hours about things. He asked if we could take the Monster, my old Peterbilt tractor and finally restore the truck that started the company.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 17 - "Boo"

Seventeen – “Boo”

The next day at school started out as pretty much the same old story. Amanda dressed in a sweater and jeans, brushed her hair, and got help from her mom with a little bit of makeup; couldn’t do much since she was unable to touch it up during the day.

Side Affects, Chapter Three

I sat in my bed and tried to watch TV, but the picture was small and of poor quality, and really, what would I watch on a Monday afternoon?  Renee asked me if there was anything I needed from the house as she put on her regular clothes. I controlled myself as I asked her to pick up my laptop and some DVDs.

Side Affects, Chapter Two

I woke up in a hospital bed. Renee was in a reclining chair, fast asleep. I tried to be quiet as I got up, but I still woke her. I had some sweat shorts and a T-shirt on, which had to be Renee’s work. She knows I truly hate hospital gowns. I heard her yawn, and then she told me to get out of the bed. As she climbed in, a nurse came in and asked if I would go next door to Mrs.

The Other Way Around -7-

Okay same as usual. In need of polish...
Hopefully readable anyway.

The Other Way Around -6-

Better warn that this one is a unpolished as can be, I'll have to see it online, and then probably have to clean it up.. But don't let that stop you from reading :)


 By Wren Phoenix/R.Allen Zinn

Prairie's Children, Return to the West -- Chapter 5

Quickly locating the water trough, Annie set about to see about some supplies for themselves.  Ruth decided to just wander around the area not looking for anything in particular.  She walked by a young Indian with some skins to peddle.

What have you around your neck?” he asked.  Ruth stopped, surprised at his good English. He looked to be about 20 years old and was very handsome.

Touching the necklace the Indian chief had given her for bravely and was wearing for luck, she replied, “This was given me by a friend.”

“You must be Fighting Wildcat,” said the Indian.....


Healing a Princess... 34 (Finding a lost Princess)

Healing a Princess 34


(Finding a lost Princess)


By Tim Knight



Prairie's Children, Return to the West --- Chapter 4


Exhausted, Ruth collapsed at the edge of the tracks. In the distance, she could hear the whistle of a steam locomotive and realized a train would be passing by soon. She dragged her weary body further from the railroad. Although the thought had crossed her mind that death would be sweet, she did not have a desire to commit suicide, accidently or intentionally.

She had developed a fascination for trains, but now the puffing huge machine appeared to be a monster, ready to destroy anything in its path. Ruth watched with hate as it roared past, but much to her amazement, it began to slow down and eventually stop a few yards down the track. Strange!


The Other Way Around -5-

Polishing done :)
I hope..


The Other Way Around -4-

Now this one is somewhat 'raw' and probably needs polish.
And I will, hopefully soon enough, 'polish it up'?
In time that is. :)

In the mean time, why don't you tell me what you think.


The Other Way Around -3-

Part -3-

The Octagonal Universe

The Other Way Around -2-

(So, A fellow traveler, are we? Well then, jump aboard:)

Chapter 2.

The Other Way Around -1-

This is fantasy. I promise it is, well, at least to my knowledge it is? If you can prove it otherwise contact me. I would love to open a travel agency :) He* I might even go there myself.


Prairie's Children, Return to the West -- Chapter 2

 She felt a gentle hand touch her shoulder and heard a man's voice as sweet as if it came from the mouth of an angel, “Sister, what is wrong? I will pray with you.”

Ruth looked up, saw a man and believed his face shone. "Are you God?"


Knight and Dryad

In times past, when the sun seemed to grow cold and civilizations abated,
it fell to just a few to keep the flickering ember that was knowledge from fading.

Historic Annulment

Historic Annulment
 In Part Conceived by Dean Vandeusen

(completed in An Historic Annulment, Annulled! By PattieBFine)


Fifty years, fifty years ago I had proposed to her and next month we would repeat our vows in the same church in which we had said “I do”, as the our minister lead us to union. I wanted to repeat all the steps that had lead to a life time with my soul mate and lover. Age brings wisdom but at other times it is not a blessing and, neither she nor I could hike Max Patch Bald, the North Carolina Mountain on which I had proposed, but I had an idea on how I could do it all over again.


by Joyce Melton


I had a weird dream about working on a series of kid's books. They were illustrated and I wish I could draw like that. Some of it looked a lot like Brad Guigar's art on Evil, Inc.

One of the books was about a young owl discovering things. It was called, "Nobody Really Likes Liver."

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 15

 Fifteen – A Bad Day Turns Out Good

At lunch time Friday, Ken sat alone in the cafeteria, eating his lunch and thinking, “This is one of those days.”

Prairie's Children, Return to the West -- Chapter 1


 “Prisoners? Escape?” questioned Ruth.

“Yes, the same men you captured, the ones who had robbed the bank, pulled off a easy escape yesterday with the help of two women. One of the women fits your aunt's description,” answered the Sheriff.

“Oh,” said Ruth in shock. “The men kidnapped my baby – to get back at me?”

Ruth fell backwards into a chair. She held her head in her hands and began to cry. 'Oh, my poor baby! Gone! What can I do?”

A Choice For Tomorrow

 I joined the British Army to make a difference; to keep our future – our tomorrow’s safe. I joined to uphold a belief that the free world should stay just that – free.

Prairie's Children, Home in Alabama --- Chapter 4


Although this will end "Home in Alabama", the story has not ended.  It is planned to continue under the title, "Return to the West."  That is why I did not state that it is a final chapter.



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