A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 19

 She kicked one guard in the groin, followed by the palm of her hand to his head causing him to lose balance and fall backward. She whirled around with a chop to the neck of the second guard strong enough to produce a fracture. He also fell to the floor in extreme pain. Linda turned and ran down the hall.

A 23rd Century Girl

in the 20th Century



Chapter 19



Linda's arms were quickly tied behind her upon the pronouncement of her fate, allowing little time to consider the situation. As she was led toward the harem, her thoughts suddenly turned to escape.

Before the thought could register in the minds of her captors, her reflexes caused her movements to spring into action. She kicked one guard in the groin, followed by the palm of her hand to his head causing him to lose balance and fall backward. She whirled around with a chop to the neck of the second guard strong enough to produce a fracture. He also fell to the floor in extreme pain. Linda turned and ran down the hall.

She had been a good student in the art of self-defense, including the Jeet Kune Do style combined with the Chinese gung-fu and jujutsu. She developed additional movements, that supplied her with adequate fighting power for a female, although she was not an expert. An individual with more training could defeat her easily.

As she ran, she knew she had to find Lizzie Jane. The two girls had taught each other their developed skills and she believed that they could handle any situation as they did in the rescue of her father.

Meanwhile, Lizzie Jane was in her room wondering why the group had been separated. Something was not right. She had not heard the thoughts directed to the others.

George, sensing her confusion, swung down from his secret hiding place. Lizzie Jane was thinking about how she and Linda had accomplished Jim's rescue and that they needed to be together. She was not sure why and what was going on, but this was one time she did not want to be alone.

“Go find Linda,” she instructed George.

At that command, George leaped onto the ledge outside Lizzie Jane's room and worked his way past the guards that had been stationed at her door. His uncanny animalistic sense of direction led him in the direction of Linda. In a moment, they met in the hallway. Quickly George grabbed Linda by the arm and both quickly made their way to Lizzie Jane's room.

The guards outside the entrance to Lizzie Jane's room were no match for the skills of Linda. Soon the two girls were hugging each other with shouts of joy.

“Oh, I knew you would come,” cried Lizzie Jane.

“What is going on?” asked Linda.

“I don't know. All I know is that we were separated. We need to find Dr. Ledbetter. I think he knows more about all this.” Turning to George, Lizzie Jane commanded, “Take us to Dr. Ledbetter.”

Relieved not to see anyone until they came near the room of Dr, Ledbetter, they attacked the guards standing there quickly before the men noticed them. Again, the guards were quickly subdued – one by Lizzie Jane and the other by Linda. Although Lizzie Jane was not a martial arts expert, she had been taught enough by Linda to handle someone without any training.

Dr. Ledbetter, seemingly deep in thought, looked up as the girls entered.

“What the...?” he exclaimed.

“That is what we want to know,” replied Linda.

“How did you girls get here – and past the guards?”

Lizzie Jane smiled. “We are a fighting machine,” she bragged.

“But everyone here can read minds. They know what you are going to do before you do it.” stated Dr. Ledbetter.

“We did not take time time to think. We just did what we needed to do,” answered Linda.

“So that explains it,” said Dr. Ledbetter. “Well, it is like this. The Pharaoh plans to pick Jim and my brain and make zombie slaves out of the others. We need to get everyone out of here.”

Linda was confused for a moment until she determined in her mind what was meant about “picking someone's brain”.

“But, as you said, they can all read a person's mind,” stated Lizzie Jane. “Will they not know what we are doing – like us being here right now?”

“No, I don't think so. One thing I noticed about the Pharaoh. He can only communicate with one person at a time through mental telepathy and cannot do it at a distance. He has to be in close range with a person. I noticed that when I did not know what he was saying except when he talked to me and when I walked to the back of the room to get Jim and Linda. We have got some rescuing to do if we can locate all of them.”

“We can,” stated Lizzie Jane with a smile. “We have George.”

The trio sneaked past the unconscious guards and made their way down the hallways with George leading, carefully checking around each corner before proceeding further. At the last corner, Dr. Ledbetter stepped back.

“I see one guard. Maybe that is Jim's room. What should be our plan of action?”

“I will rush first and catch him by surprise. You and Lizzie Jane can follow,” volunteered Linda.

“By yourself?” questioned Dr. Ledbetter.

“I took care of the others,” she replied.

“She sure did,” agreed Lizzie Jane.

“Well, okay, but be careful,” advised Dr. Ledbetter.

Linda made her dash. Just as she came upon him, the guard turned and pointed a finger toward Linda. What appeared to be an invisible force struck Linda, causing her to fall to her knees.

The guard bent over, placed a finger under Linda's chin pulling her head upward and drew back his fist.

Without a second thought, Lizzie Jane ran toward them as fast as her little legs could carry her. Being bent over, the guard did not see her coming. That gave Lizzie Jane the opportunity to hit him in the head with her shoulder while she was running full speed. While the man was staggering backward, Linda shook her head, still a little dazed. She was barely able to raise herself up, but she delivered a powerful blow to the head with the palm of her right hand. He fell, hitting his head against the wall, unconscious.

“I always knew we would make a great team,” Linda said to Lizzie Jane, with a somewhat slurred speech as if she were intoxicated.

Opening the door, Dr. Ledbetter discovered Jim sitting in a corner with his head down, obviously in deep thought.

Looking up, he asked, “What is going on?”

“Oh, your daughter and Lizzie Jane just decided to rescue you again,” answered Dr. Ledbetter.

“Yeah, this is getting to be a habit,” said Linda with a smile.

“But – what – how?” questioned a confused Jim.

“Enough of that. We have got to find Ruth, Josh, and my husband,” said Lizzie Jane. “I came here in peace to tell the Pharoah about God and he has done all this. When I saw him, he seemed so friendly. I can't understand it. I will see him again!”

“You are not going back to him after this, are you?” asked Linda.

“Yes, he invited me here and I want to find out why he has done all this,” answered Lizzie Jane.

“But, the danger...” began Dr. Ledbetter.

“Look! We have gotten this far. You don't think we could have without God's help, do you? When I was younger, God saved me from a panther in the woods and a dinosaur in the jungle. If fact, God gave me the ability to kill the dinosaur. I was shot once and near death-, but God was there. In fact, I was able to lead a little dying girl to Jesus while in the hospital. Sure, I am going back – to finish my job of telling the Pharaoh about God. Right now, let us find the others.”

With George leading, the group found the rest of their company, locked in a room in an underground area of the palace with a bolt on the outside of the door. There wasn't any guards. The room appeared to be in a type of a basement, similar to where a person would expect find a dungeon. The door leading to the room was constructed of wood and the walls inside were rock and dirt.

“Well, thank the Lord. Y'all found us, didn't you? I would have shot those varmints, but they took my gun away from me,” declared Ruth as their rescuers arrived.

“You didn't have a chance,” said Dr. Ledbetter. “They could read your thoughts and knew what you would do.”

Lizzie Jane and Jake did not speak much. They grabbed each other and stood there hugging and kissing like sweethearts. (Well, that is what they were!)

As they exited the room, Ruth exclaimed, “There's my shooting irons.” The gunbelt had been thrown aside evidently without any thought of it being retrieved. She quickly placed it around her waist.

“Now George, show us how to get out of here,” requested Lizzie Jane.

George quickly located a tunnel and the group entered the darken area. There was room enough to see, so the group made their way along the dirt pathway without any problem, coming out on the side of a mountain. The sides were not very steep, so the group continued to the bottom. Stopping to rest, the sound of a river could be heard.

“Y'all go on down there and rest and I will be back as soon as I can,” said Lizzie Jane.

“Where are you going?” asked Jake.

“To see the Pharaoh, of course. I want to find out why he did all this and to accomplish my mission – to tell him about God.”

“You ain't going!” declared Jake.

“Husband, you know I am going to do what I think I ought to do.”

“Well, I'm gonna stop you!”

“You and who else?”

'Me, myself and I”

Lizzie Jane smiled. “Those three are not big enough.”

With that statement, Lizzie Jane began to climb back up to the tunnel.

Jake stood there for a moment, turned to Ruth and said, “Give me your pistol. I'm gonna follow that stubborn gal.”

---To be Continued

Copyright 2009 by Starla Anne Lowry


Shades Of Stargate!

Unless I am mistaken, the Pharoh and his goons are using advanced technology for their parlor tricks. It could very well be that the technology has fallen inti disrepair, too. THAT would explain the Pharoh's limited telepathy, unless he has a worm in his gut.
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