A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 17


A 23rd Century Girl

in the 20th Century


Chapter 17


“Yes, zombies,” stated Jake. “Those things wrapped in bandages that grabbed us.”

“Things that grabbed you? When? How? I must ask the Pharaoh about that,” replied Lizzie Jane.

 “They grabbed us after we entered the tunnel when we came looking for you.”


“The Pharaoh?” questioned Dr. Ledbetter. “I noticed some ancient Egyptian writings. May I ask about this Pharaoh?”


“Well, there was a strange man that beckon to me back at our camp. I could hear my mother's voice telling me to follow him – that it was all right. He led me into what looked like a palace with a long red carpet down the middle and right at the end of it sat a man in a great big chair which looked like a throne, kinda like the drawings in the story books I used to read to the children. He began to speak to me in some way that I could understand, but I did not know how. I am sure that it was not a voice.”


“Mental telepathy” thought Dr. Ledbetter to himself. “An advanced way of communication”.


“He told me that he was praying to his gods one day and a booming voice spoke out of nowhere and said that a young girl would come his way soon and she would bring him a message about another god. When we arrived, he believed I was that girl and sent after me. The voice had told him that the girl would come to him without question and I did. That is when I learned that he was called Pharaoh.”


“Do you suppose we could meet this Pharaoh?” asked Dr. Ledbetter.


“I guess so. I will ask to see him and see if he will allow it,” answered Lizzie Jane. She turned and pulled on a satin rope hanging from the ceiling. Immediately two large dark skinned men appeared dressed in clothing that one could imagine being worn by ancient Egyptians. She asked permission to see Pharaoh in English, but the men seemed to understand.


As the men departed, George jumped from the lofty spot that he had designated as his secret hiding place while he had observed the scenes going on below.


“George is how we found you,” mentioned Ruth as she fingered her six-shooter, still holstered on her gun belt strapped to her side. Lizzie Jane noticed the weapon and hoped that Ruth would not get carried away and do some foolish thing – like shooting at everyone in sight that was not part of their group.


“Please be seated,” invited Lizzie Jane.


Each member of the group selected a cushion that they considered to be comfortable and sat with their legs crossed in a semi-circle, not speaking for a few moments, seemingly speechless at the strange turn of events.


Jim was the first to speak. “It appears that we been permitted the opportunity to share an experience that others can only imagine. I know of time travelers that have visited ancient Egypt, but nothing as remarkable as this.”


“I wonder how this civilization became so detached from Egypt,” as Dr. Ledbetter openly expressed his thoughts. “I wonder if space aliens had anything to do with it.”


“I bet they did,” replied Josh. “I remember my momma telling me about some strange things going on before I was born – things like strange looking men or animals – couldn't rightly decide what they were since they had never seen such things before. Suppose they were seeing them space things?”


“Maybe,” answered Dr. Ledbetter. “Such happenings could explain the questions of a lifetime – the mysteries of the pyramids, for example.”


Jim smiled. “You have -- (how do you say it?) -- “hit the nail on the head.”


“You are doing quite well learning our expressions,” replied Dr. Ledbetter.


“I should be. I have been around long enough on my mission.”


“But you have been gone just a few days,” remarked a puzzled Linda.


“Yes, but in time, I could have spent years, although it was only a short period,” answered Jim.



“Remember, Lizzie Jane was lost in time for a year and, when she came back, she arrived just before the plane in which she was traveling broke the time barrier. So, I had time to learn some of the customs of the people of this age, including some of their strange language..”


Linda smiled. “Yes, I am learning that, too.”


Dr. Ledbetter replied, “And, Linda, you are doing a good job of it, too.”


Linda smiled at the expression, “...doing a good job.”


Jim spoke again, “If I may, please let me continue. In my time, we have explored space and have not found any intelligent life anywhere in our solar system. That is not to say that there are not life beyond that. However, I believe that the 'space aliens' are from earth – possibly from the center of the earth.'


"Government leaders admitted to conversations with them that has changed our government somewhat; that is, there are more international control over certain matters which you take for granted.”


“You mean that we will lose some of our freedoms?”

“Yes and that is why I am not going back. They will report me missing and assume I am dead, but I hope to stay very much alive so that I can fight these alien beings and possibly change the future for the good.”


“Can you change the future?” asked Dr. Ledbetter.


“Well, no one has changed anything yet and people where I came from believe that the future is 'set in stone' – (another one of your expressions) –, but I hope to prove that incorrect.”


“I will help any way I can,” replied Dr. Ledbetter.


“From what I have seen, I think I have the best help in the world,” said Jim, looking at Linda. “She had was brave enough to rescue me from an UFO.”


Linda smiled, “That was because I love you and you don't know how happy I am to learn that mother is still alive, also.”


“She is in the hospital and doing fine,” Jim stated with a smile.


“In my journey, I discovered many important things. One, the aliens created the huge reptiles that we have seen.”


“Jurrasic Park?” asked Linda.


“You know about that fictional production?” asked Jim.


“Yes, we learned about it in school. There was a discussion about the the probability of such a creation.”


“Jurrasic Park?” asked Dr. Ledbetter.


“Yes, it was a motion picture released sometime in the early 1990's about some scientists creating prehistoric creatures from the DNA of smaller animals,” replied Jim.


“DNA! Ah, yes. I read a paper on that. It was discovered in 1953, but I still don't know how it works.”


“You will be surprised to discover how it will be used in your future.”


Before Jim could explain more about it, the two large dark skinned men entered the room.



--To be continued


Copyright 2009 by Starla Anne Lowry

So, Underground Men

From advanced societies like Atlantis, Egypt, Inca, or Mayan civilizations are here. Could there be rival societies at war for dominion of the world? May Your Light Forever Shine

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