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Ghost hunters


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“What was that?” Bob asked, looking about nervously.

A Choice For Tomorrow

 I joined the British Army to make a difference; to keep our future – our tomorrow’s safe. I joined to uphold a belief that the free world should stay just that – free.

The Tank

 The Tank

© 2009 Nick B

A young man wakes face down on concrete to find himself in a room with no doors or windows. Contusions and bruising on his head are painful reminders of the events that led him to where he was and as his memory returns, he realises he’s not the only one in trouble.

He has to get out and fast…

Road Trip

As I stood at the foot of that mountain – known as The Brocken or Brocksberg – I wondered whether I was doing the right thing. Trouble was; at that moment, right and wrong were a little blurred.

I could see the mountain soaring up before me, seemingly looking down and laughing – silently mocking me.

“It’s alright for you,” I said, even though I knew it neither heard nor cared.

The thing is; right and wrong are concepts that tend to change depending upon which side of the equation you’re on. What’s right for one needn’t be right for another and what appears to be wrong might actually be right…

Sometimes, there is neither ‘right’ nor ‘wrong’. Sometimes, it’s just what is and what isn’t.

Then of course there’s the downright weird… 

Close Encounters of the Christmas Kind

Close Encounters of the Christmas Kind


My thanks once again go to Gabi for her sympathetic treatment of this story and I have to hope that she reads this version after the post edit additions I made.

I hope it improves the story...



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