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Of Ping Pong Ball Interdimensional Diplomacy

It seems it sort of started innocently enough, I guess – I don’t know.

All it took was two ingredients:  Hank and that old tree in his back yard.  How the old tree entered in what happened, you could understand, considering all the weird stories that have been told through the years about it. 

Prairie's Children, Home in Alabama -- Chapter 3


 .....That helped verify the fact that a serious virus may be spreading through the area. Ruth became more worried. After all, she was a new mother and did not know what to do with a very sick baby. She mentioned that to Lolus on the way home....


Here Comes A Bureaucrat

Here Comes A Bureaucrat


by Joyce Melton


Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 14 - Like a Walk in the Park

Fourteen – Like a Walk in the Park

Tuesday was no different than Monday. Sweatshirt, jeans, guide, classes, no one to talk to, no friends, no enemies, no expectations, no fun -- just a boring, uneventful day ending with the “wonderful” after-school reading program.

John Cash



John Cash


by J.E. Melton


Prairie's Children, Home in Alabama -- Chapter 1


In a few moments, Lolus looked at Ruth and said, "Child, you are about to have a baby."

"A baby?"

"Yes, dear. A baby." 

The Tank

 The Tank

© 2009 Nick B

A young man wakes face down on concrete to find himself in a room with no doors or windows. Contusions and bruising on his head are painful reminders of the events that led him to where he was and as his memory returns, he realises he’s not the only one in trouble.

He has to get out and fast…

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 13 - There’s Enough Blame for Everyone

Thirteen - There’s Enough Blame for Everyone

Waking up early Sunday morning, Ken tried to convince himself that the end of the previous evening was nothing but a horrible nightmare. Unfortunately the evidence surrounding him told him that it was all too real.

Healing a Princes. . . 32 (Welcome to Blaire)

Healing a Princess : 32


(Welcome to Blaire)


Written by Tim Knight



Healing a Princess. . . 31 (Deals, Steals, and Warnings)

Healing a Princess: 31


(Deals, Steals, and Warnings)


Written by Tim Knight



Healing a Princess. . . 30 (Propositons)


Healing a Princess. . . 30
By Tim Knight

Healing a Princess. . . 29 ( Trout, Ale, and Magic)

Healing a Princess: 29


(Trout, Ale, and Magic)


Written by Tim Knight


F**k Up ~ Part 3


I wheel my protest sign up to the 3rd floor. These sweetheart nurses are not so sweet now. "That is just ........ lovely."
I am halfway through Ob-Gyn when Miles catches up to me. "Goddamn it Roger! They'll fire you for sure for this!"
"I know, but Vince really needed this. Someone had to tell that swine off!"
"Security to second floor." says a voice from overhead.
"But what about the position this puts me in? I sure don't want to be the one who has to hold you for the sheriffs. Just put that away and get your ass off the grounds. And I think you need to find yourself some other place to stay..."
F**k uP
by Ronnie Prima

F**k Up ~ Part 2


My immediate boss was Vince, a hunched little character in a flat top who looked alarmingly like my father. Same basic face, like my dad had been put through a shrinking machine- one of those older models that left its payload oddly distorted; long dwarf's torso with a crease in the middle like he could fold up + fit in a suitcase going yapyapyapyapyap! A long term navy man who had LUXURIATED in that whole routine, everything "Sir/Yes Sir!" and polishing the widget-mounts; A fundamental intolerance for spontenaity or surprises ............ And with his anchor tattoos, cartoon New Yoiky accent and lumpy bald dome I soon came to think of him as Popeye. Only without the chuckle, the goodness or the heart ........... Eye Pop the evil Anti.
F**k uP
by Ronnie Prima

F**k Up ~ Part 1


Occasionally I go spend the day at the old deserted airport ....... Signal Hill is pretty neat too- a barren hump covered with seesawing pumps, rusty oil tanks and the foundations of long-demolished houses ........ There is an ugly bar at a bowling alley I go to in the morning when no one bowls. But since it's so much cheaper to go drink in some park, bars are really not an option for me ....... And those gay ones I used to go to don't interest me, since I pretty much gave up on the whole idiot notion of sex ...... Nor am I interested in the fellowship of "others of my kind", since I'm no longer sure that I even HAVE a kind...
F**k uP
by Ronnie Prima

My Report on the 60's

MY REPORT ON THE SIXTIES          by Ronnie D              Room 25

In the 1960's cute blonde girls wore bodypaint and danced the frug to jazzy go-go music played by  studio hamfats. Everyone lived behind big panels painted with all flowers and wavy lines, opening trapdoors to say funny things like "Sock it to me." Nazi war criminals hid in the bushes. When you liked a girl you said "Wanna bite my Walnetto?" and then she hit you with her purse. There was a war or something, and some riots, and some people got shot, but everybody liked it when the fat man in the raincoat rode his tricycle and fell over.


I chose to have some fun with just a bit of Mis-characterization. Now my spell check hates me.

New Moon

A Summer Flight of Fancy

A Summer Flight of Fancy

She cared not how I looked, if I needed to shave or not. Little did she care how long my hair was or if it was combed, nor what I wore. She drew a line at what type of shoes, hard soled or spiked were verboten, however trainers or deck shoes were ok. Dressing up was fine but jeans and shorts were more practical for our dates.


Seasoning, A Blend Offered by Dean Vandeusen

They had been free spirits in the late 60s and early 70s,

Stake Out

What’s that Joe?

I said they’ve spotted him.

Are you sure that’s the right person? Looks like a little kid.

Keeping Quiet, the unreported story

Temporal Address withheld under restrictions of the temporal security code of 2025.

Bed Time Story

Daddy! There's a monster under my bed!

A tail of Two Bloods


A Tail of Two Bloods

By Kitten

Chapter one: The Street Rat Fox

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 12 - Let's Dance

Twelve -- Let’s Dance 

The glowing feeling from her date the night before was still with her when Amanda woke up late Saturday morning.

This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 25

Boy is it dark!
I sense a presence in front of me – or – my sense of smell senses the presence – and boy does it sense it – phew!

she ate screaming yellow zonkers

I posted this once but chickened out and deleted it. Here it is again. A heartwarming story about family values. Manson Family, that is...

by Laika Pupkino

A Brief Stumble Down Paradise Street by R.K.Galvez



A brief interlude with the past/present/future time[s] of VeeCee and his long-lost companion, Von RapArd, despite both having conventional backgrounds, we get a confused pictorial-oral history[awfully semi-auto-biographical] and various predictable facets of timely dysfunction.


Savage Vaudeville

 Savage Vaudeville

1989, 2009 by Laika Pupkino.

      This is some kind of vaudeville, or else it's magic, or maybe it's the day that the dead hobbled all gimpety-gimp down the wide boulevard sidewalks. Something... 

      This is the story of Shellie Marie Sandoval, who in her nearly twenty-one years of life had never laid eyes on an uncircumsized penis.
      Penis, penis, penis...
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