The Midnight Tower R - Prologue - Voice

[This chapter contains some violence. It's pretty heavy, but not too bad, in my opinion. If it is too much, I apologize, but I don't know the standards you're used to here.]

Soar, Kira!


"Kira sat on her bed with the thesaurus open in her hands, and glanced over to the blank page in her schoolbook. In fact, it wasn’t blank, it had a title at the top of the page “What makes me who I am?” This was possibly the hardest assignment she’d ever have to do, and it wasn’t because she couldn’t understand it, or because she wasn’t good with words. No, it was a hard assignment because “What makes me who I am?” was something she’d rather not put onto paper."

Kira is a girl living in Tokyo and approaching her 16th birthday. A normal girl would be out with her friends at a party on her 16th birthday, but Kira must spend hers in her basement with her parents.

The reason? She looks human at first sight, but the two scars on her right hand give away what she really is.

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