My Report on the 60's

MY REPORT ON THE SIXTIES          by Ronnie D              Room 25

In the 1960's cute blonde girls wore bodypaint and danced the frug to jazzy go-go music played by  studio hamfats. Everyone lived behind big panels painted with all flowers and wavy lines, opening trapdoors to say funny things like "Sock it to me." Nazi war criminals hid in the bushes. When you liked a girl you said "Wanna bite my Walnetto?" and then she hit you with her purse. There was a war or something, and some riots, and some people got shot, but everybody liked it when the fat man in the raincoat rode his tricycle and fell over.


Well, "Ads by Google" Knows...

...what you're talking about; top ad is for Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, even though you never actually mention it.

I suppose the overall point here is that what the next generation thinks of the 1960s will have a superficial resemblance at best to what we lived through.

Along those lines, there's an analogue, I'm sure, to the Roaring Twenties school dances and theme parties when we were kids, though since I avoided them all I guess I suppose I can't say that with certainty.

The whole "Laugh-In" thing referenced here points out the difference in documentation, though: a modern kid has access to television and movies from the 1960s, and it's no big stretch to figure that somebody would watch one show and figure he knew enough for a school report.

But because 1920s technology was so backward compared to the 1950s, access to the silent films, radio and musical recordings of the 1920s was almost nonexistent to, say, me in fifth grade if I'd been given that type of assignment.

Not quite sure why I'm going on about this -- I'm just glad somebody's still posting stories here...


That's it exactly

Your last line there. After three weeks of no stories or comments here I couldn't stand it, and I sure didn't have any new works, so when this drabble popped into my head I posted it- brain fart that it is. Hopefully somebody has something decent for us soon. The sixties & seventies as I experienced them are so different than the media portrayal that I often wonder if I haven't somehow wandered into somebody else's timeline.
~~~Yeah, Baby! Laika

That ADS BY GOOGLE software is spooky...

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