New Moon


NEW Moon

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She sat at the bar crying, she had not been there for long. I asked her … what is wrong?
She told me that tonight was her time of the moon, not to worry she would leave soon.
I said don’t go, it’s just a nature's curse, it’s either that or pregnancies glow.
She said sadly, that glow, I'll never know. It is a monthly curse, just not the kind you know.

You see, once I was a young man, quite a bit like you. I made a pass, to a lass, a lass that I wished to know. The lass she turned to me and said to me, I am one you should not know.

With those words she kissed my lips and bit me my tongue as I pushed a bit, hoping to be rung. She said to me, with this kiss and its little bite, you’ll wish the moon stays bright. For now like me,
you will be cursed, by the moon you do not see.

I am not a werewolf, or any other were you see, Every time the moon goes dark thence to shine anew, you, like me, will also be, someone else brand new.


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