A Summer Flight of Fancy

A Summer Flight of Fancy

She cared not how I looked, if I needed to shave or not. Little did she care how long my hair was or if it was combed, nor what I wore. She drew a line at what type of shoes, hard soled or spiked were verboten, however trainers or deck shoes were ok. Dressing up was fine but jeans and shorts were more practical for our dates.

It was the summer of two thousand eight, and for me it was love at first sight. As I looked at her picture, I admired her light, sleek beauty. I thought that we would never meet, the only thing I knew about her was that her family name was Schweizer, and that she lived in the Harris Hill region West of Elmira.

That summer I had the opportunity to go to the Camping World Grand Prix at the Glen, on the Fourth of July Weekend. As I drove South through the Finger Lakes down into the Catskill Mountains I decided to visit Elmira in hopes of some how meeting her. After the racing weekend ended I headed South East. The address I had for her family was in Horseheads, on Greenridge Dr. She was not there but they told me where I could find her, #17 Aviation Dr.

There I meet Brenda who knew her and introduced us. I was shocked to find out that an introduction was to cost me. Even more shocked to find out that our summer romance would cost me thousands, but I had to have her, it was becoming an addiction. I took the plunge.

It’s now three weeks later, as we fly toward Saratoga N.Y. I marvel at our fast romance, as I said it was love at first sight, a love that will never leave me. As for my love, sailplanes and gliders, like boats and planes are always addressed as she.

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