Here Comes A Bureaucrat

Here Comes A Bureaucrat


by Joyce Melton

Bureaucrat, bureaucrat,
How do we know where he's at?
We can tell, he's in the room
By the feeling of impending doom.
Makes red tape, all day long,
Why does he need this theme song?
Fuck me!
Here comes a bureaucrat!
Can he leech, believe me, chum,
He's got his fangs in your bum.
Can he make you feel his dread?
With a noose of tape that's red?
Fuck me!
That was a bureaucrat!
In your cubicle space,
He'll take all your time,
'Cause he's the Ace
Of Turds -- that don't rhyme!
Bureaucrat, bureaucrat,
Goddamn, motherfucking bureaucrat!
Monday morning
Sure sucks cock,
Be thankful for the job you've got!
Behind every one of life's big fuck-ups,
You know there's some shithead suck-up,
Trying to be a bureaucrat!

To the tune of "Here Comes the Spiderman"


Quotable Quotes

"I learned many years ago in Egypt that the only way to deal with a bureaucrat is through stealth and sudden violence..."
~~~Boutros Boutros-Ghali


Oh go easy on them...everybody has to be good at something, yes?

Andrea DiMaggio

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