Stake Out

What’s that Joe?

I said they’ve spotted him.

Are you sure that’s the right person? Looks like a little kid.


He’s a master of disguise and more than a bit height challenged.

We better keep an eye out for the target. There won’t be much time to stop this if he sees him.

Bill, just go over the facts on the target.

5’10’ , from England but now using name Dromedary Ah’-cam-all. He has a cartoonist and has published several that are ... um... poorly received in the Middle East. Through federal sources not listed we’ve been notified of this potential hit but we are not given enough evidence to stop the hit man nor take Dromedary into protective custody.

We’ve been following this girl for twelve blocks now, .. dam did you see that?    .

We’re too late.

OK boys, take him in. The charge is murder.

Where? Do you put him in Juvy?

You know it's kind of funny.

What’s that Joe?

Well, he really did walk a mile to smoke Ah’-cam-all.

You can take asylum out of the country but...

You can't take the cone trees out to sail 'em.

There's your next story, Dean!
All you need now is a context :)
~~~hugs, Laika

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