I chose to have some fun with just a bit of Mis-characterization. Now my spell check hates me.


Why hello dear viewer, I am Harvey Gnome.

Harvey is a pseudo-gnome, my real gnome-deplume is unpronounceable in
your human tongue.

I would like to clear up some questions that you may have about us since
most of you have been introduced to us through the efforts of the
spokesperson engaged by that speedy travel company, travel velocity.

First, not all gnomes are alike, we are indeed from different tribes and
families, I for example am from the tribe Roma Gnome, unlike Roman Gnomes
who are from Italy. Our roots go back to pre-historic India and we have
strong ties with Europe's gypsies. There is a tribe of North American
gnomes who live in Alaska, in Gnome Alaska. Also there is the tribe of
bankers known as the gnomes of Zurich, who mostly live in Switzerland.

Did you know that our species may have been honored by specific words in
your language?

For example:

A Gnome is a short saying or proverb that expresses a general idea or
principle. Would that substitute for military speak?

The study of the impact of "green" financing might be called micro-eco-

In art the gnomy could be awarded for the most insultingly bad movie
previews and TV advertising.

In engineering the use of government hot air to power tools and perform
valve operations could be gnomatics.

In geography a classification of massive sheets of compressed snow and
ice should be known as gnome-N-glaciers.

A gnomon is the arm of a sundial used to show the time of day by the
position of it's shadow, perhaps so named after an unknown observer noted
the travel of the shadow cast by the arm one of the garden and lawn
family of gnome as the day passed.

Gnomic has other meanings besides that of the nature of traveling tribes,
it also refers to short pithy sayings and also to utterances which are
cryptic, opaque or difficult to understand. No I am not talking about this writing.

Well my time here is up but first any questions?

Do we all were the same haberdashery? Yes, any all else would be

Why am I wearing a dress and other female clothing when my name is
Harvey? Well you see, I am a bit of a miss-gnomer.

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