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I chose to have some fun with just a bit of Mis-characterization. Now my spell check hates me.

New Moon

A Summer Flight of Fancy

A Summer Flight of Fancy

She cared not how I looked, if I needed to shave or not. Little did she care how long my hair was or if it was combed, nor what I wore. She drew a line at what type of shoes, hard soled or spiked were verboten, however trainers or deck shoes were ok. Dressing up was fine but jeans and shorts were more practical for our dates.


Seasoning, A Blend Offered by Dean Vandeusen

They had been free spirits in the late 60s and early 70s,

Stake Out

What’s that Joe?

I said they’ve spotted him.

Are you sure that’s the right person? Looks like a little kid.

Keeping Quiet, the unreported story

Temporal Address withheld under restrictions of the temporal security code of 2025.

Bed Time Story

Daddy! There's a monster under my bed!

December 2012



You might not know my name but if you’re reading this, than it worked, maybe...

Deer Departed


Deer Departed

Five deer leap to their death off parking garage

The morning edition of the Chicago Sun Times, December 8th, 2005. 

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