Bed Time Story

Daddy! There's a monster under my bed!

Well I should have expected it. For Christmas I had given
her the book that I am now asked to read each night. It had three stories in
it, There is a Monster in the Attic, There is a Nightmare in my Closet, and
There is an Alligator under my Bed.

So I got up and went to her room and was prepared to calm
her, but as she looked shyly up to me she giggled, she could not keep that
smile form her lips as she repeated Daddy, there IS a monster under my bed.
Will you get it out, please.

Ok, as I got on my hands and knees, in the light of the Dora
night light I ran my arm and hand under her infants bed, what’s this? A bone
chilling cold, small but unexpected, I grasp it and pulled it out.

She could no longer control her giggling, My three year old
got me with her first joke, in my hand was a can of Monster’s Mean Bean energy


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