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#47: They changed the password on here again + again i've figured it out. And They call themselves geniuses! i don't know what this stuff is but my skin, my flesh my whole body is so sensitive i feels like one big nipple, even my HAIR has feeling i swear. And from the sounds i hear coming from the others may or might not be human up + down the tunnel i know i could have it worse.

My Report on the 60's

MY REPORT ON THE SIXTIES          by Ronnie D              Room 25

In the 1960's cute blonde girls wore bodypaint and danced the frug to jazzy go-go music played by  studio hamfats. Everyone lived behind big panels painted with all flowers and wavy lines, opening trapdoors to say funny things like "Sock it to me." Nazi war criminals hid in the bushes. When you liked a girl you said "Wanna bite my Walnetto?" and then she hit you with her purse. There was a war or something, and some riots, and some people got shot, but everybody liked it when the fat man in the raincoat rode his tricycle and fell over.

Sanity & Reality

 When all the sane answers don't make sense, sometimes you need to face reality, no matter how crazy the truth may seem.

Sanity & Reality
Copyright 2008 by Heather Rose Brown
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