This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- Chapter 9


What the?

Funny thing huh?

Well this isn't exactly what I expected

Nobody does.

It's a surprise, I say

Surprise!  Chloe says

But there are people here -- people in clothes -- and we aren't.

Sorry about that.

We aren't stuck here, I say.

Yeah, Chloe agrees.

What do we do?

Turn around.

He does and he disappears.  Chloe disappears after him.  I go through the door.

What the heck are all these doors doing in the middle of busy intersections?  Chloe asks.

To embarrass us, I reply.

I don't embarrass easily, the guy says, but I was there.

I would suppose scared too, Chloe says, you turned pretty white.

Well there were a million cars coming at me.

Just seemed like it.

Well, where are we now?  he asks.

French Riviera, another guy says.

Another nude beach, I observe.

Hey!  It's Pierre!  -- guys it's Pierre.

It was Raphael from the restaurant.

You have got a pretty companion.  He looks at Chloe.  I remember her with clothes on, but now . . .

I grab her hand before she can slap him.

I see her blushing some.

You know each other?  the guy says.

Yes, Raphael says, he eats at our restaurant all the time.  And you are? . . .Brian.

Glad to meet you, Brian.


Yes Brian.

But you're suppose to be Tom, Dick, Harry,  or Abdul.

Well I'm not just any Tom, Dick, Harry, or Abdul that you meet on the street.

He's all right, Chloe says, he came with us.

I think that's right.  Only a select few can come through the doors.  But I wasn't expecting Brian, even though I wrote it in the story.


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