This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- Chapter 2



A dock!

The best laid plans of mice and men.

Talk about gangin agley!

This is gangin all right

Right down to the plank

Lots of planks

And what are those guys down there?

Dock workers?

Who knows

Planks are almost rotten

So where to I go from here

What I had in mind is not in my mind anymore

And I left Cloe somewhere back there

Maybe its good I don’t spell her name right

Then they’ll be looking for all the spellings and have a harder time finding her

Do they want to find her?


Dunno what I’m doing here either.

Thing goes all the way down to the water –even under it.

Then up

Messy mess of a line here as it goes up looks like somebody marked territory here all colors paint and such and things – the line runs right across the dock from side to side.

Guy comes up.  “Can you give me a loaf of bread,’ he said.

I give him a credit card.  That should confuse them.

They aren’t closing my credit account – they want to track me down – my limit’s even gone through the roof.  They want me to spend all I want to and catch me.  I can get cash here – all I want.  Hey that’s good.

Then the guy will spend all he wants to.  Then they’ll find him and it won’t be me.  Great idea.

Looks like the door has a mind of its own --   can show up anyplace and do anything.  This is pretty good.

Well I guess

Didn’t want this to be a guessing game

Except for them

They can guess all they want

As long as they don’t get it right

Actually I don’t anything’s going to happen with them

That is they aren’t going to catch up us

Doesn’t show up in anything

Just the one guy that shrivels up

Don’t know when that happens either

Maybe I can head over to the red landscape with the lake and see what’s going on

Great place that red landscape like nothing I have ever seen.  Maybe Cloe’s there.

Blank again

Well not so blank

Still on the dock

Sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away

With a 347,000 man troop

What’s that?

I don’t know

It just is

Sort of part of the thing

Where it came from I don’t know

It’s just there

It just is you know

Things just are

We are

Where are we

Anywhere?  Nowhere?

The door!  The door!  My kingdom for a door.

This image – a bunch of us on one side of a door and that 347,000 man troop on the other.  From overhead – a bunch of dots on either side only on one side a whole lot more than on the other

I am the egg man I am the walrus koo koo ka choo


It’s white all around

They all are gone

Where to now



There’s Cloe

“Where you been?” she asks.

“Dock.” I reply.

“Hot dock!” she exclaims.

“Not really.  Not even Coney Island.”

“Ha ha.”

“Ha is a pretty big word.”

“Is that the motel?”

“Yep.  Here’s some cash.”

“Where’d you get that?”



“Gave this guy a credit card.”

“They’ll think it’s you.”


A grand smile came over her face.

“We get separate rooms,” she said.

In the Overall Picture?.

Maybe I'm wrong: there IS new information here, confused as it may be, and one can't exactly object to stream-of-consciousness in the monologue under what seem to be the ground rules here.

But this riff struck me as more self-indulgent and less story-friendly than what we encountered earlier.


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