This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 16

“Mon Dieu!” Raphael exclaimed.
“What is it?”
“La Mer Morte.”
”The Dead Sea?”  Chloe asked.
“Quite so,” Raphael said emphatically.  “Look at those!!  It’s a total row of doors!”
“Yes,” I said.
Raphael moved closer to inspect.
“I should have known,” Chloe said, “and so should you,” she said to me.
“Yeah,” I said thoughtfully.
“They make music!”  Raphael exclaimed in surprise..
“Just as I thought,” I told Chloe.
So Chloe and Brian and I went up to the doors.  And sure enough, each one was making a musical sound. 
I felt a tingling in my pocket.
“Your door’s making music too!”  Chloe said.
I pulled the door out of my pocket.  It glowed fiercely.  Several of the doors also glowed, just like my door.  So I went up to the doors that were glowing.  As I stood at the first one, all other doors became silent and that one made a musical note in tune with my door, both sort of humming along together on the same note.  The glowing was gone; there was just the note.  Another door glowed up the line.  I walked up to it.  It and my door made a musical note, different from the first.  Wow!  I thought.  My octave?
“Somebody’s coming!”  Brian exclaimed..
We looked where he was pointing and there were about ten or twelve figures approaching along the shoreline.  Coming up behind them were military vehicles.
“What do we do?”  Brian asked.
My door glowed a bit.  That was a hint.  We all gathered around my door.  Pop!
“Where are we?”  Brian asked.
“Qumran,” Raphael replied.
There was the ruins.  A man was coming toward us.
We were ready to pop right through my door – all of us, except Raphael.
“Jacques!” he exclaimed, “long time no see!”
“Porquois dites vous en Anglais?”
“These, my friends, they are Americans.”
“Oh.  So what brings you here.”
“They wanted a tour of the complex.”
“I can arrange that.  Come on.”
So, relieved, we follow.  Raphael sure knows a lot of people I mused.
So Jacques gives us a tour and Raphael joins in, almost as knowledgeable as Jacques.  Jacques explains that more is being discovered at Qumran, and old explanations are being questioned.  It’s our own personal tour, and we feel rather special.
“How long do you intend on staying?”  Jacques asks Raphael.
“We want to explore the surrounding countryside,” Jacques explains.
“That can take awhile.”
“We have time.”
“Then what you need is a place to stay?”
“That would be fine if you can arrange it.”
“It’s off season – so I can let you have the caretaker’s cabin.”
Wow!  I think.

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