This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 19

“It’s a door!” I say, “A door upstairs!  How’d that happen?

Chloe stabs me in the ribs with her fingers.  “No one knows how anything happened here!”  She virtually shouts.

“That’s where they come in.”  The guy says.

We all look at him.

Now we’re agitated.


“Those guys that come down the stairs.”


“Yeah – I don’t know how many – one or two – maybe three or four.  They come down the stairs – never went up the stairs.  I see them on the TV screen just before they come down stairs and go down stairs and out of here.”

We are flabbergasted.

“What do they look like?  Green?  Grey, with big eyes?”  We’re thinking they're aliens.

“Naw – nothin’ like that.  They’re reglar humin bein’s.”

“They ever call each others names?”

“Tom, Dick, Harry – and Abdul.”

“So there are four of them.”

“Seems that way.”

We forgot about Jacques.  He’s not showing in the doorway here. Where is he?  We rush up the stairs.  There’s the door.  No Jacques.

“Somebody want to go in?”

“The doors have been harmless so far.”

“Yeah, well, this is a new one.”

“Well, what’s the difference between this one and all the rest?”

We’ve had Tom, Dick, Harry and Abdul come through,” I say.

“The plot thickens,” remarks Chloe

“Still we’ve got to figure out where Jacques is,” mentions Raphael.

Out pops Jacques.  And Tom.  And Dick.  And Harry.  And Abdul.  We’re sort of crowded up here in this little 4th floor room.

So no we’ve got to get acquainted.  They’ve got the same story we’ve got – finding doors and ending up in the Big Blank, then popping out in places all over the world – wherever they thought of ending up.  Sometimes, when they didn’t have anything in mind – or when authorities wanted them -- they’d suddenly pop out here.

“So when you go in there, where do you go?” Raphael asked.

“Like any other door – anyplace we want.”

“So how come we didn’t ever come out this one?”  I asked.

Then I answered my own question – we’d never heard of this door until just now.  It didn’t really exist until just now, so we couldn’t come out of it.  But it existed for Tom, Dick, Harry and Abdul. That’s because it just did.  They had to come into the story some time.  So here is the time. Right?



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