This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 11

“That is quite all right,” Chloe replies, “I think we should consider other matters.”

‘”Well, you do need something to soothe that sunburn,” Raphael says as he lightly touches the shoulder.

“OUCH!!!!!!!!” Chloe yells, getting away from the offending finger.

Rubbing her shoulder and wincing in more pain, she says, “All right, rub it on.”

Raphael drops a little on Chloe’s shoulder, which feels quite cold and she jumps at the touch of the salve.  As Raphael rubs it in, you can see by the wincing of her face that it does hurt.  Then he repeats on the other shoulder.

“Let’s let that soak in for just a minute and do its work,” he says, “and let’s get under this beach umbrella.”

“We aren’t using someone else’s, are we?”  Chloe asks.




“This is mine,” Raphael answers.






 “How does it feel?” he asks a little later.

“Fantastic!!!”  she replies.

“Lie down on your stomach,” he says, and she does.

He then applies the lotion all along the back of her body.  She seems quite content and oooohs as it seems she is quite enjoying the process.

Brian is moving around the beach, checking it out.

“Amazing!” he says.

I decide to head up to the food stands.

“Where are you going, Pierre?” Raphael asks.

“I’m hungry,” I reply.

“You need money,” Raphael says, “I notice you don’t have any pockets.”

“Har de har har,” I reply.

“Come here,” he says, “kneel down beside me.”

I do, and he whispers in my ear.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“My personal code for purchasing items here.  They will ask you for it if you ask to purchase something.”

“You mind if I get something for Chloe and Brian?” I ask.

“No problem,”  Raphael replies.

“What is good?” Chloe asks Raphael.

“I recommend a good Chardonnay,” he answers.

She laughs.  “Really?” she asks.



“You need something to eat.” I interject.

“A loaf of bread,” Raphael says, “a jug of wine.”

“Haha,”  I say.

“Don’t forget a book of verses!”  Chloe yells, and they laugh.  I don’t.

I forget completely about Brian as I head up to get something.  Then there’s a smell, and a sound.  I look all around, for it’s the smell and sound of a door.  I don’t see anything.  I head up, still smelling and hearing.  I look around and don’t see anything.  I walk a ways, still don’t see anything, still smell and hear though.  I am walking all around, looking but not seeing, but still smelling and hearing, no matter where I go.  It’s the same strength no matter where I go, as if I am not getting farther or nearer to it.  That’s odd, I think.


Like, why don’t I go through it, I think, it’s so close.   Where is it?  My foot feels funny.  I look down and I can’t see my foot.  I almost panic, but there, where the front of my foot should be, is a little door.  I back up quickly and my foot comes out.  The door follows me.  I back up and the door follows me.  I walk straight ahead, looking over my shoulder and see the door following me.  It’s a little door and it’s following me. Hmmm.




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