This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- Chapter 8


Okay so we go get drinks of water and in the cabana out of the sun.
My you’ve got some good sunburns, the guy says.
Yeah, Cloey replies, we didn’t watch what we were doing, kicks me.
OUCH! That was a bit hard, wasn’t it?
Serves you right getting us sunburned like this.
He did it?
Yeah in a way. He was supposed to be watching the time.
He doesn’t have a timepiece.
Just a piece, she says.
They laugh.
A piece of a piece, she says.
Now wait just a dolg garn minute there . . .
You’re getting redder, she says, and you aren’t even in the sun.
Nah – it isn’t so bad, she says.
We sit at a table, relax.
I’ve got some lotion to relieve that sunburn, the guy says, you want to borrow the tube?
Yeah, she says, why not. Thank you.
I’ll do my front and you do my back, she says, and I’ll do the same for you.
Fine, I say.
So we each lotion the parts of the other’s body that the other can’t reach.
You had to spend some time out there in the sun, the guy says.
We let the time slip away, she says.
I didn’t see you guys out here until just a few minutes ago.
We found a hiding spot.
Yeah there are a few – mostly caves, out of the sun.
You want to know how we got here?
Actually, yes – because you really can’t get past the people we set up as guards like.
Chloe (got the name right!) gets up, walks down to the water, he follows, she walks out in the water and disappears, so does he. I run after them, find the door and find them, in the middle of London Bridge. He looks a little flustered and embarrassed. She looks a little flustered, but no so much because I guess she’s used to it. I don’t know how I look. I look around to see who’s looking at us.


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