This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 23

"Wait a minute!" I hear him say from beyond the door, wherever that is.

He comes back in, brings a chair, the two other men strip my clothes off me, tie me to the chair and put a bindfoild and gag on me.

"There!", he says, "That ought to do it!"

"This is getting bad,"  I think.

Then I hear people and other activity around me.  The ropes are untied, the gag taken off and the blindfold removed and I am blinded by the bright light.

"You don't know how wide open your eyes are," the voice says, "when they aren't shut tight!"

"Yeah!" a female voice says, "you look scared half to death!"

It's Chloe.  The other voice is Jacques.  My eyes become accustomed to the bright light, and I see that we are on the nude beach again.

Chloe says, "It's all right.  We are helping you." as she washes me with a wet cloth.  "You are filthy!  In that short period of time!"

"How long was it?" I ask.

"Two days,"  Jacques replies.

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