This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 14

We sit down at Raphael’s restaurant, at a sidewalk table.
“Won’t somebody notice “Pierre” there?”  Asks Chloe.
“This is Sunday,” Raphael replies, “nobody’s on the street.  They don’t figure he’ll be out.  Besides, he hasn’t been here for a while.  One of those guys said something abouit some old decrepit seaside town where he’s using his credit card like it was water.”
“Worked, didn’t it?: Chloe said.
I laugh.  Chloe laughs.
Alright, so what is this?”  Asks Brian.
“Yeah,” says Raphael.
“There are doors.”  I say.
“And? . . . “ Raphael asks.
“I discovered the first one – how long ago?  I don’t know . . . just walked right into it.  Then out another one.  Then I kept discovering these doors in remote places.  Between them if you just say there, is this Big Blank.”
“Big Blank?”
“Yeah, Big Blank.  Yeah – a total nothing.”
“What’s it like?”
“Nothing.  Nothing at all.”
“Has to be something.”
“No . . . nothing.  Period.”
“And how are you involved in this, my pretty one?”  Raphael asked Chloe.
“I found a door.  Bumped into Pierre.”
“You met Pierre – where?”
“In the Great Nothing.”
“Great Nothing?  What’s that?”
“Just nothing.”
“But it has to be something.”
“No, it’s nothing.”
“C’est impossible!”
“C’est vrais.”
“Nothing?  Nada?  A big zero.”
“No, not a zero . . . nothing.”
“So you met Pierre in nothing?”
“That’s right.”
“He must have stood out like a sore thumb.”  And Raphael laughed.
“I take umbrage . . . “
”Does that help your constipation?”  Asked Raphael.
“The umbrage.”
“I just sit there with a dumb look on my face.

“He didn’t stand out at all,” Chloe said
“He sat it out.”  Raphael laughed again.
“Will you quit your silliness!!” I declare.
“Okay,” Raphael said, “So he didn’t stand out at all.  What does that mean.”
“Basically he just wasn’t there.”
“Wasn’t there?”
“Until I bumped into him.”
“Wiat a minute – you are in this Big Blank – this Great Nothing – you have this Nothing all around you – and in the midst of this nothing you bump into him.”
“It was an unexpected bump for sure,” she says.
“All this nothing – and you can’t avoid bumping into him.”
“I couldn’t see him.”
“But he’s something – and all that was nothing – surely you . . . “
”He was nothing too.”
“All right, you’re confusing me.”
“You’re confused?   What about me?”
“What about me??!!’ I pipe up.
“And ME!!”  Brian adds.
“So we’re all confused,” Raphael suggests convincingly.
I would agree with that.”  We all respond simultaneously.
“Couldn’t you see her in the Big Blank,” Raphael asks quizzically.
“She was nothing too.  Until I bumped into her.”  I reply matter of factly.
“All this nothing and you bump into each other.”  Raphael muses thoughtfully.

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