This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 18 (added to)

Well, I start to tell my story.  Cars rush up to us, lights flashing.  Men get out, bullhorn in one’s hand and guns in the hands of others.

“Stay right where you are!”  The bullhorn shouts.

Then, poof, I am in the old house, third floor, with the guy there warming up some food and reading a newspaper.  Then, bump, bump, bump, bump, Chloe and Brian and Raphael and Jacques appear right behind me.

The guy looks up and says, “The cops didn’t get you, I see.”

I look flabbergasted at the guy, as does Chloe.  Brain and Jacques and Raphael look at me.

“WHAT’S GOING ON HERE!!!”  Jacques asks, quite disconcertedly.

So I tell my story.  I tell how the door in my pocket is a recent development – it just appeared on the beach just right out of the blue.  I describe how I found the first door right here in this building and point to it because it was visible to me – and they all look at it and do aaahhh   and oooohhh and all that.  Raphael asks where does the door go to?  I say I guess just about anywhere although I have only been a couple of places through that door.  It took me to Paris where I met you, I say.   So how’d Chloe get there he asks.  She pipes up.


“I was just walking along, minding my own business, when this guy walks up to me – asks for my purse, takes me to this back alley – and then there I am – in that Big Nothing and bump into this guy here,” she says, pointing at me.

Brian tells his story, Raphael, his, and Jacques – we all know his because he was last.

“I wonder,” says Raphael, “what all we can do?  Where all we can go?”



So here’s what we did – experimented with the doors as a group – my little door, the sort of fixed doors, saw how many places we could go – Swinging on the Riviera one day, And then laying in a Bombay alley next day. – anyway it was quite a trip – all around the world – buying the finest clothes, dining at the finest restaurants – used my cards a couple of places and Raphael’s account in others. I am pretty sure that whatever authorities were out there, they were confused enough.

So we ended up back at the house and the guy there said, "Quite a bunch of places you’ve been."

We looked at each other then looked at him and asked, "How do you know where we’ve been?’

"That giant TV screen there," he pointed at the door.

We looked at the door. Nothing there.

"Won’t show anything ‘til somebody’s in it."

":I’ll go," Jacques said, and he ended up in Qumran – we knew that because we could see him there – plain as day – plain as you please – total living color and very lifelike.

"Like wow!"

Jacques comes back

"Has this always been this way?" I ask the guy.

"No," he says, "Just since that TV screen’s been there."

"So how long has it been there?" Jacques asks.

"Don’t know – woke up one morning and there it was.

"Then this guy," he points at me, "pops out of it one day just out of the blue – don’t know why he was there – he just was.

"And now all you guys are popping all over the place."

The "place".

The place seemed to hold us all quite nicely thank you. I mean it’s an old, derelict house, 3 ½ stories, and we’re on the third.

"What’s up the stairs," Jacques asks.

"Never been up there," the guy replies.

Jacques ascends. Next thing you know, we’re seeing him in the door.

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