This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 13

“Raff!” shouts the sales clerk, “Comment allez vous?”
“Tres bien,” Raphael replies, “Est-ce que tu connais mes amis?”
“Un peu. Porquois ils et tu entre sans habiillement?”
“Long story,” Raphael replies.
Then he turns to me.
“How come,” says he, “we all end up here naked?”
He’s looking at me.  He looks at Chloe and Brian and sees they aren’t all that quizzical.
“You know about all this?” he asks them.
“Well,” Chloe replies, . . .
Brian says, “Don’t look at me . . . I’m new at this myself.”
He turns to me.
“Pierre!  How long have you been doing this?”
“Ever since I first met you.”
“So you have that . . . hole in the Universe . . . you take it with everywhere you go?”
“Where’s the hole?” Chloe asks
“It’s a door.”  I say, taking it out of my pocket, “Here it is.”
“You’ve had that hole in your pocket all this time?”  Raphael asks.
“No,” I say, “just since the beach.”
“Let’s get of of here,” Raphael says, “We can talk about this later.”


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