This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 17

Wow, the way things happen.  So Raphael knows some people.  He’s been around.  He’s a surprising surprise.  Quite the cosmopolitan.  He has been helpful.
We are looking over the digs when men come up and talk with Jacques.  Jacques comes over with them.  They have uniforms on.

“I want to introduce you to my friends, Eli,” he says, “These are the people I told you about when you asked about strangers.  As I said, I am sorry I didn’t tell you about them before, but what with all the cleaning up and putting up things for the off season, it simply slipped my mind.  They are benign, so I didn’t really think anything of it.”
“Glad to meet you,” Eli said, holding out his hand to Jacques.
“Likewise,” Raphael replied.
“I certainly hope you folks will make some new discoveries and bring extra attention to our area.  As Jacques puts it, you are searching for another copper scroll that will shed light on the hidden treasures of the Temple.”
“That’s right,” Raphael replied.
“I hear your papers are forthcoming, so as soon as you get them, you will register.”
“That is correct,” Raphael replied.
The men turned and walked away.
“Bye, Jacques.”
Jacques turned to Raphael.
“I”ll speak in English so all of you can hear me.”
Then he paused.
“What the hell is going on here!”  He yelled.
Raphael replied, “My friend, you would have to ask it of Pierre, here.”
I pull the door out of my pocket.
Jacques stares at it intently.
“What is it?”
I see Jacques and Chloe and Brian and Raphael all looking intently at me.
I hold up the door and poof!  I am in my own back yard.  Boy.  I was oging to explain something to them.  Then I get bumped into and bumped into and bumped into.  And there are Jacques and Chloe and Raphael and Brian, all in my back yard.
“What the hell is going on here!”  Demands Jacques.
So I tell my story.

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