This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 21

It’s Jacques that goes forward to meet them.  The men, in camouflage fatigues, brush right by him.  He’s saying “I have authorization by the Israeli Antiquities . . . “
”We’ve got nothin’ to do with Israeli crap.”  He walks right up to me and says, “You’re under arrest for sedition and violation of the Patriot Act.”
A couple others join him and grab me and handcuff me and take me to the vehicles and whisk me away.  Down the beach a ways they inject me with something and I fall unconscious.  I wake up in total darkness,– the Big Blank? I ask myself.
“Chloe!  Where are you!  Anybody!”
I hear laughing.
“Is that you, Raphael?”
I hear somebody over in one direction saying, “He’s awake.”
“Who are you?”  I ask.
No answer.
I see what looks like a door opening and three men coming thorugh.  Two grab me and take me to a dimly lit room - one bright, glaring bare bulb hanging down from a wire in the ceiling – sort of like those interrogation rooms they depict on TV.  The two that have me by the shoulders set me down very hard on this hard wooden chair and tie my arms behind me.  Now I’m scared.
“I demand my rights!”  I say.
The man in front of me says, “You have no rights.  You don’t exist.”
Now I am scared.

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