This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 15

“We were nothing too.”
“Nothing, too.”
“Nothing too.”
“But you’re not nothing.”
“Nothing exists in the Nothing.”
“Okay,” I said, “let me show you.”  And I pulled the door out of my pocket.
Raphael quickly laid his hand on mine, holding it down.  “Not here!” he exclaimed
He led us upstairs from the restaurant.  “Now.” he said.
I took the door. Out of my pocket.
“Let’s go,” Raphael said.
There I was in the Big Blank.  It was all blank – nothing – hard to describe.  I could say it was all total whiteness – and then – whiteness is something – so was it?  It was just nothing – that’s what it was – but what does nothing look like?  Nothing – that’s what it looks like
“Hey!”  It was Raphael’s voice.
“Hey!”  It was Brian’s voice.
“You here too Brian?” I asked.
“Couldn’t help it . . . just came.”
“Hey!”  Chloe said.
“So we’re all here.”  Said Raphael.
“We’re all nowhere,” I said.
“Weird.”  Said Raphael.
“Strange,” said Brian.
“Neat,” said Chloe.
“So we’re an elite, exclusive group of people,” I said.
“There is no mistaking that,” Brian said.
“Until more people are able to come through,” Raphael noted. “How many do you think?” he asked me.
“I thought about 8 or 9,” I said.
“He sees this in his book.”  Chloe joined in.
“His book?”  Raphael asked.
“Yeah,” I said, ”You are characters in a book I am writing.”
Brian asked, “A book?”
“Yes,” said Chloe, “he is writing a book at the present and you are in the future in the book.”
“So the book’s in the past?” Raphael queried.
“When this happens it will be.”
“I am writing the book right now about us doing this in the future.”
“Weird,” Brian said.
Then we popped.
The reddish landscape with the large sea.

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