This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- Chapter 5

It was morning.  Cloey got up, went into the bathroom.  I heard the shower running.  Shower turned off.

An hour later.
You're taking an awfully long time in the bathroom!!  I need to get in there!!
No Cloey.
I pound on the bathroom door.
No Cloey.
The door opens.
No Cloey.
Now I’m flustered.
Where’s Cloey. What’s her name? Chloe – that’s her name, but can I spell it right? NOOOOooooo!!! I guess as long as it sounds the same.
Still no Cloey. No matter how I spell her name. No Chloe either.
Small window in the bathroom. Chloey’s not that small. I look in the shower. NO CHLOEY.
I turn around. Cloey slaps me in the face.
Ouch!! Why’d you do that? Where have you been?
She was naked.
Not only that, she was in that red landscape around that salty sea with all the doors.
She was getting sunburnt.
What’s that for?
That’s for putting me in this situation.
What do you mean?
You know.
Oh yes. Now I know.
Yeah that’s right. You didn’t have any ideas just come to you like you usually do so you made up one.
Yeah . . . slapped in the face again.
Well I had to do something. Didn’t have any dreams or things just pop out of thin air so I thought this would be something to move the story along.
Put me in the middle of the desert naked.
There’s water so it’s not a desert.
You see any trees??!!
Well, no.
She tears my shirt off. Rips it up.
Maybe if you’d get sunburnt, you’d find us a way out of this place.
Couldn’t you just go through a door?
Tried – jumped out in the middle of traffic.
That’s not supposed to happen . . . doors are supposed to be in out of the way places.
Well you did it!!! You decided I’d end up in the middle of traffic!!
Well, it is my story, isn’t it, and I can do anything I want with it.
Including putting me out in the middle of traffic in Los Angeles?
I thought it would be funny.
That was a hard slap.
Now what are all these people going to think that are going to see me naked in the middle of the street?
It’s good I didn’t tell them where you are going to appear. There’d probably be quite a crowd in the street and on the sidewalk.
Now that hurt.
Serves you right!!! How would YOU like to be naked in the middle of Times Square?
Well . . . I . . . she rips my pajama bottom off, rips it up and pushes me through the door.
A bunch of cars honking and a cop seeing me and running right toward me. I turn around . . . where’s the door??!!! A hand grabs my shoulder and pulls me back.
Now we’re both naked.
How’d you like that? You didn’t, did you?
So now we both get sunburnt.


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