This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- Chapter 7

The clothes!  The clothes!

The clothes.

We’re naked!

Yeah I know.

Well . . .

I’m thinking.  Where will we find clothes?

How about the motel?

But we can’t go back.

Yeah that is odd.

A nude beach?   Then we won’t seem so out of place.

I backed away, expecting another slap.

Great Idea, she said instead.

Said instead.

Said instead.



So how we gonna get to this nude beach?


Is this fun or what?   I’m thirsty you know, getting heatstroke and all that.  You’d better find out soon or I am really going to hate you for writing this into the story.

A door glowed.

What do you think?

It’s raining outside.

We are outside.

It’s raining outside while I’m writing this story.

What does that have to do with the story?


Well, let’s figure out why the door is glowing – ok?


We go up to it.  She pushes me through the door.

Boy is it wet.  It’s raining outside.  The waves wash me up.

Cloey’s waiting on the beach.  It’s a nude beach.

Good, she says.

There’s a beach house and a water fountain.

People look at us.

A big man comes up.

Are you members here?

Cloey says, We’re guests.

Of whom?

Whom? I think.  The guy’s got good English.

The Harrises.

Yeah, the Harrises, he says.  And he walks away.

That was easy, Cloey says, a common name will do it every time.

Every time?

Actually that was the first time I tried it.  Fast thinking, you know.  Got us out of a pinch.


A pinch, you know?

You didn’t have to pinch so hard.

That was comic relief.

I didn’t think it was funny.

Well I did.


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