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This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 21

It’s Jacques that goes forward to meet them.  The men, in camouflage fatigues, brush right by him.  He’s saying “I have authorization by the Israeli Antiquities . . . “

Blasphemy - Part 1

It may be 'cos I'm drunk, or possibly stupid or p'raps both, but I can't figure out where to post a new story. Comon dude, site design!

Anyway, so here's part one of one of mine:

Oh, shit. Warning: Bad language, needless violence and similar stuff.


Still here

I've been so swamped with work lately that even thinking about editing or writing has been impossible. Should get the next chapter out during the holiday break. I truely appreciate the encouraging notes I've received. Thanks!

This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 20

It was a hallway -- a corridor -- couldn't see the walls, but it was nonetheless a corridor -- couldn't move left or right, just straight ahead.

Then ended.

In the reddish landscape.  Just POP!

Then there they were:  Chloe and Ralph and  Brian and Tom and Dick and Harry and Ahmed and Raphael and Jacques.


Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 1

Chris & Julia's Big Day

by Sharp 2008

Anonymous Potato Paragraph

"When my mother made mashed potatoes they poured out clean and fluffy from the box. And she was scared when she made mashed potatoes, but not as scared as she would have been if she had made them from real potatoes.

Close Encounters of the Christmas Kind

Close Encounters of the Christmas Kind


My thanks once again go to Gabi for her sympathetic treatment of this story and I have to hope that she reads this version after the post edit additions I made.

I hope it improves the story...

Walk Normal In Norwalk

(0..0) .|.▄▄..▲▓*..*
(my couple of days in the nut house)
by  Roger  Di Prima

Planet Jerk

Roger, Jerk & Roseanna---street people---spend the rainy winter of 1979 hunkered down in a banged up little mildew infested Dodge Dart. Be it ever so humble, it's home...

by Roger Di Prima

Too Much of a Goodyear Thing ~ Part 3


A beleaguered sexual minority leads a high tech revolt against the evil Bruno's dictatorship. Will Tommy ever find his way back to reality? Or is THIS reality? Is FRFS (False Running Fantasy Syndrome) a legitimate diagnosis or merely a pop-psych fad? Is our dear Rosalie a true revolutionist or a double agent? Wow, is that a jetpack?! And what's John Williams doing with his Willie Johnson hanging out? It's all just...

by Laika Pupkino

Too Much of a Goodyear Thing ~ Part 2

While this story is intended as humorous some may find 

Too Much of a Goodyear Thing ~ Part 1

WARNING: While this story is intended as humorous some may find its coarse language & raunchy situations offensive...

Healing a Princess. . . 28 (Lakeview)


Healing a Princess 28
Written by Tim Knight

Starla Anne is still alive -- additional note



Maybe I can have my computer moved and be on line in about a week or so. I have been in the process of moving and left my computer at my old address so that it could be used by my neighbor.



Completed Stories

Looking at the story index I don't see an easy way to tell which stories are complete.  Am I missing something ?

I really hate reading 20+ chapters of a new story only to find that I am left hanging !!!!

I saw a couple that said "final chapter" but most did not.


Happily Ever After?

A wicked and decadent sequel to the Cinderella story...

 Happily Ever After?
Fractious Fairy Tale
 by Laika Pupkino

Chapter Numbering in Title Boxes

 The main things are: 1. Always use the <strong>same pattern</strong>. 2. Use <strong>arabic numbers</strong> [1...295...???] for the chapter titles in the title field.

This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 19

“It’s a door!” I say, “A door upstairs!  How’d that happen?

Healing a Princess. . . 27 (Plans, Politics, and Pools)


Healing a Princess 27
(Plans, Politics, and pools)
By Tim Knight

A Clockwork Fruit

In the brave new world of tomorrow everyone is normal. But Timothy Roberts has a terrible secret. Despite being a product of the same genetic engineering and mind control implants as everyone else, and despite the government's insistance that mental aberrations like homosexuality and gender conflict are a thing of the past, he has known since adolescence that he's gay. He lives a life of deeply closeted desperation, haunted by the fear that he might be the last homosexual on Earth...

a clockwork fruit
by laika pupkino

An X Is A Kiss But Not...

And Lo, the traveller came at last to the sky's edge. He put down his staff + poked his head thru the fabric of space, beholding the mighty clockwork of the cosmos, the great turning gears, the merry go round and the ferris wheel. He smelled the heavenly corndogs and heard the calliope music. And he said, "Hey wait for me you guys!"

An X is a KISS
but NOT when
playing SCRABBLE

Healing a Princess. . . 25 (On the Lake)

 Healing a Princess


(On the Lake)


By Tim Knight


This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 18 (added to)

Well, I start to tell my story.  Cars rush up to us, lights flashing.  Men get out, bullhorn in one’s hand and guns in the hands of others.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 10

Ten - Game Day

To get the whole weekend off, Ken had to work every night that week, so he didn’t have time for much beyond school, community service, homework, and his job.

Happy Gets Squashed

A fantasy adventure set in a strange indoor universe, inhabited by puppets, which is told in the form of a child's book report that keeps wandering off the topic...

by Laika Pupkino

Silver Blood-Epilogue

Silver Blood-Epilogue
As we lifted away from the now burning city, I heard a voice emit from a solitary figure in the back, "Well done, but there are questions to be answered."

All Souls Story contest

I am new to this website, so please excuse my challenged "ability" to navigate a new website. But how in the heck do I submit a story for the contest? I have the story in microsoft word ready to download. Thanks in advance for the information


Amanda's Eyes

Chapter 10 coming soon. It's considerably longer than the previous chapters were and is taking more time to edit. Please be patient.

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