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I'm new here and I have a question

Hi All,

This may sound rather silly BUT, Why can I not access my "My Inbox"? When I click on it a message pops up saying I do not have access to this function - or some such foolishness.

with love,


I need to read my own stories

I had to change chapter two of "Prairie's Children, Home in Alabama".  Ruth was converted to Christianity in the original "Prairie's Children", so she doesn't need to get saved twice. So, I do need to read my own stories.


I'd heard about this film for ages and due to my long legs and complete dislike of cinemas and their rip-off prices, I eagerly waited for it to come out on DVD.

It was truly worth the wait too.

Publishing houses

I have noticed a few ads on the right side of the Fictioneer site about publishing our work.


Astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder--Stargate SG1, A Kiss before Dying) piloting "Farscape 1" space vessel, is swallowed by a wormhole and hurled millions if not billions of light-years from home into deep space, right in the middle of an intergalactic battle, whereupon, he collides with an alien vessel.

The Men Who Stare At Goats

I'd seen the trailers.

Ewan McGregor and George Clooney as they hit the only rock in a desert full of sand.

I thought the preview was hilarious, but was it just the favourite trick of many film makers as they show you the best bits in the trailers and the rest of the film is only there to stop those prize pieces from bashing into one another?

Isn't that what they did with 'The Breakup' with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston? That was truly crappy.

Well, yes that was what they did in The Breakup, but not in this case.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 14 posted

As always, sorry it took so long but I'm not a fast writer or editor and RL is pretty demanding. Appreciate comments and suggestions and promise not to take criticisms and corrections personally.

Planet 51

Imagine a world that is locked in the fifties; white picket fences and a dread fear of being overrun by monstrous aliens hell-bent on eating the brains of the inhabitants - but is not our own.

Forbidden Kingdom

The only film I know of that has Jackie Chan and Jet Li working together and this is brilliant.


After Buffy, Angel and Firefly, I had Josh Whedon on my list of top ten writers and then I saw an article with Eliza Dushku, who played Faith, one of the other slayers then turned up in Tru Calling. This time she'd basically twisted Josh's arm into writing something specifically for her and even stumped up money (presumably) to produce the show.

Star Trek

At last!

This is long overdue I think. It's the old format with a new twist.

We meet Jim Kirk, Bones, Scotty, Uhura and Spock before they even leave the academy and by golly it's a good-un!

I could go on for ages about the plot, but I think the best thing is to leave you all to find out and watch it. That way, I don't give the game away.

Speed Racer

I had no idea what to expect when I first got this.

It's one of those films that for the first fifteen minutes I was totally confused. This was partly because the story seemed to flit from one time-line to another and back again and partly because of the unbelievable visuals.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

In the small town of Swallow Falls - situated just under the 'A' of 'Atlantic', we join young Flint Lockwood as he displays to his young classmates, his invention for curing the issue of untied shoelaces - spray-on shoes! Sadly, these shoes don't come off and Flint becomes the laughing stock of the class; an outcast.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 13 posted

I've posted Chapter 13 of Amanda's Eyes. Sorry for the long delay. Again, not as carefully proofed as in the past so if you see errors let me know.

Next chapter should be a little quicker.


This film is a must for those with a need for something thought provoking.

The premise is simple, with Michael Jennings (Ben Affleck), an engineer earning himself lots of money by reverse engineering other companies products and then having his memory of the work he's done 'removed'.

Poor Authorship

Maybe it was the type -- maybe I am a poor writer -- I have noticed

that very few have read the last chapters of my serial.


Am I a poor author?  Do I need to quit writing?




Type correction on "23rd Century Girl..."

If you found the last chapter of "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th

Century" to difficult to read as I did, I finally obtained access to

Microsoft Word and corrected it. It is much easier to read now.




CreateSpace "Breakout" Novel Contest

Why you should read the linked page is that this time they are allowing previously self-published novels and have a Young Adult category, too. Prize is $15,000 dollars and a publishing contract with Penguin.

Problems with access to inbox.

There was a problem with access to inbox. At access attempt there is a message "
Access denied. You are not authorised to access this page. "Suggest what to do, please?

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 12

I've posted chapter 12 of Amanda's Eyes. It went up with a little less editing and proofing than I usually do so if you notice errors or issues, please let me know.


I appear to be blind

Unless I'm blind, it appears that "new" folks here can't post content until the Admin's grant this ability. My question, I guess, is how to ask to be made an Author? (A reply seemed to indicate this, but not how the admins decide one is "worthy" of being granted the "Author" appellation.)

Okay, so I'm slow. Everyone else seemed to figure it out...

How do I write to an author?

I've just joined today. I am told that I am not authorised to access my Inbox, so I presume that I can't compose a note.

How do I write to an author?



If anyone sees any error in any of my writings, please let me know. I continually find new mistakes every time I read something.

This time it was a misspelled word.  I wrote "rein" instead of "reign". I realize that I am not a professional writer and my stories may not be very good, but at least, I want it to look more professional.

With love,

Thanks everyone

Haven't had this many comments on a chapter before. Appreciate the reads and the responses. One of the reasons for posting a "book" on a site like this is to get reader response. Comments about specifics in a chapter are especially welcome. I look to comments for ways to improve.

Message from Starla

I have been longer than I wanted or expected on "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century," so I thought I would bring it to a close.

Does Humour Belong In Music?

"I-oh-I, will rock you like a nincompoop..."

The Tinseltown Rebellion

Frank Zappa, a name that has been synonymous with drugs, excess and "what the fuck was that?" who said himself that he was an anachronism that makes the ugliest music on the planet.

Is that right?

17 Again

We join Mike O'Donnel as he throws away a promising basketball career in favour of standing by the girl he loves.

Sorry for the long delay

I just posted chapter eleven of Amanda's Eyes. I have more to edit and post and even more to write on this "book" but I'm hoping it won't be nearly as long before I can post the next chapter.

Enjoy and thanks for reading,


Pawn Of Prophecy

This is not a new book, but it's worthy of mention - as would be the rest of the books in the multiseries story that David and his wife, Leigh have created.

Thanks peeps

Just a few words to say thanks for the response I got for the last two reviews I wrote on Hot Topics. It's really appreciated.

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