Wolverina Were-Island

Spirit Splinters, part 10

The city rose up before us, tall and towering, lit by neon signs. The boat had docked in a sea of yachts, liners, and fishing boats, allowing us to climb onto the dock among a crowd of other passengers.

Spirit Splinters, part 9

The waters were dark and gray as iron, sloshing sullenly against the sides of the boat. The sky was roughly the same color, marred by black clouds that blocked the sun.

It was raining, a fresh sprinkling of water that dampened my hair. I wondered idly whether there would be a storm as I gazed over the horizon.

Spirit Splinters, part 8

For a moment, I could hardly move. My limbs felt like jelly, and my throat was so dry I had a hard time getting my words out.

"B-but it was an accident! She startled me!"

"We know," she interrupted. "But, Hannele... Did you know who that girl was?"

Spirit Splinters, part 7

"Hanna?" Minoka's concerned voice sounded behind me. "Is something wrong?"

I barely paid attention to her. My whole body was tensed in primal fear, prepared to lash out at the slightest movement. The door slammed open, and I lunged out, my sickles slashing blindly.

Spirit Splinters, Part 6

I walked slowly down to the Battle Tactics Classroom, sickles clutched in my trembling hands. The school was up and about now, with people rushing in the hallways, dragging and carrying weapons with them.

"That was awesome!" gushed Elly, a bayonet slung over his shoulder. "Can you believe what I got? A gun and a sword! That's like two in one!"

Spirit Splinters, Part 5

Dear Ajau and Jajau,

How are you? Here at school I'm having a great time, except that a girl was murdered by a vampire today. I want you to be extra careful, in case vampires target you guys, too. I'm not being paranoid, no matter what my big brother might say. How are Keasa and Reuwo?

Spirit Splinters, Part 4

When I woke up, it was with a dry throat and a sore back. I realized I was slumped over my work half-asleep, and straightened up, wincing in pain at the aching.
The sun was shining through the window, and I blinked at the sudden light. Then it hit me like a train that I was probably late, because every going-to-magic-school story had to have this cliche at one point or another.

Spirit Splinters, Part 3

I hadn't realized the class had gone by so quickly. I guess when things are getting interesting time flies faster.
I emerged into the cafeteria, my shoulders still in a vice grip under Elly's arm.

"Whoa, look at all the food," he said, gazing at what was practically a buffet stretching from wall to wall. "I wonder how they keep it filled so much."

Spirit Splinters, Part 2

Battle tactics wasn't as exciting as I had hoped it would be. Mostly we just sat at our desks while a teacher rambled on about swordfighting, blocking, and attacking. However, we were informed that next week we would actually get to use a sword, so I just had to endure it until then.

Spirit Splinters, Part 1

The room was immaculately clean. White walls, polished wooden floor, orderly bookcases.

I can't believe it was me.

The woman behind the desk was gentle and understanding, with curly blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. "Miss Cenobi Hannele, is it?"

Am I supposed to be happy, or scared?

My voice came out in a squeak. "Please, call me Hanna."

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