Silver Blood-Epilogue

Silver Blood-Epilogue
As we lifted away from the now burning city, I heard a voice emit from a solitary figure in the back, "Well done, but there are questions to be answered."

Silver Blood

Well, here I am, the last one alive in the research lab. The vampires have either turned or killed everybody else here. Luckily, I am in a sealed off self contained bunker with its own sealed water and air recycling systems.

The Wish


One day, there was a young woman named Sandra Lee. She had begun learning about magic in high school with her parents consent and love and was ready for the final transition into a Earth Mother.

The Family Tree

One day, the Grandfather led his Granddaughter to a lone Sequoia Red wood standing in the woods. The Grandfather laid out a picnic for them to eat as his Granddaughter got ready for a swim. Under her shorts and top was her girls swimsuit.

The Deaf Genie

 One Day, there were two friends sitting down to eat in a local cafe. When Dinner was ordered, they began to talk.

"Well Tommy, it looks like your operation went well."

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