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    Posting at Fictioneer! is free, and so is reading.    

We'll keep it this way as long as we can, though we may eventually offer premium service or access for a small fee to help pay for servers and such.

Keeping it free is important to us and you can help by following these posting guidelines, which are likely to grow and change over time as we find out what works for everyone.

This is not a porn or adults only site, young people are welcome so posters please remember this. On the other hand, parents should be aware of what their children are viewing. There won't be anything here that can't be found in a general interest bookstore in Anytown, U.S.A.

There's a rating system, posters please use it. Here's an explanation of the terms:

General Interest - Equivalent to the PG ratings on movies. May contain mild language or sexual situations.

Young Readers - Intended for a younger audience. No profanity, obscenity or risky situations. Equal to movie G rating.

Mature Subjects - Not intended for the youngest readers, though may be okay for some teens. May contain strong language, some violence or sexual situations.

Restricted Viewing - About equal to the move R rating, not recommended for most teens. Contains strong language, violence or sexual situations.

Adult Oriented - Like the Restricted rating but stronger. Some graphic descriptions of violence or sex.

X-rated material, erotica, and other material centered on graphic sex or extreme violence is not to be posted here on Fictioneer, there are other sites for such writing.

The above ratings must apply to complete works, all chapters or episodes of multi-part posts and any illustrated matter accompanying.

Also, fan-fiction is allowed on Fictioneer! but not encouraged. If you're in doubt, ask. Authors should post stories which are based on characters, situations or backgrounds they have created themselves, or are in the public domain (like Robin Hood), or if permission has been granted by the copyright holder for such use. There are other sites that allow fan-fiction so we hope not to be overrun by it. :) There will be a permission to be noted and any fanfic posted here will be assumed that that the poster takes full responsibility.

Fictioneer! is designed for hobby writers and for professionals and would-be professionals who want to hone their skills in a friendly setting. It's also designed for readers who want to enjoy and comment on what the authors offer for their entertainment.

Most, we're all here to have fun. :)

- Admin


A note on the editor

 The editor can be turned on and off in "My Account" or on individual pages. If it's turned off, it may be necessary to use the "Filtered HTML" input format rather than the "clean HTML w/line break" input format. Authors may also request access to a "Full HTML" format if I'm convinced they know how to use real HTML. :)

Another note: In the "clean..." format, the editor puts blank lines between paragraphs when you hit Return/Enter. To get a newline without a new paragraph (and blank line) use Shift-Return/Enter.

Another, simpler, mini-editor may be available later.

- Joyce

More note on editor

I've added a mini-editor which is available on the comments. If you'd prefer to use this mini-editor instead of the wysiwyg one permanently, ask me and I can turn the wysiwyg editor off for you.

- Admin

More on Editor

I am 66 years old, so I am not as smart on a computer as a four-year-old. (Believe me, most of them know computers.)

Anyway, I don't know what I will need or how to put a story on this site if it is different from BC.

See, I told'cha I was stoopid.

You may reply privately, if you wish. That way, I will probably see it quicker.

Starla Anne

PM sent


- Joyce

Fan - Fiction -- Are you sure?

I am enjoying this great new Story site.

But have a fairly serious question. I just enjoyed reading Edeyn Hannah Blackeney's Off-Camera Christmas. I found the story to be very funny and entertaining. But since I can be very literal, I would call it a fan-fiction.

What limits are you expecting fan fiction to adhere to?

Best Wishes

** - ** - ** - ** - ** - ** - ** - ** - ** - ** - ** -
When the wind blows snow, we stay at Winters' Haven

Oh, good point!

I'll add in the whole "NONE of these characters are mine" bit, thanks for pointing that out!

Fan fiction

It's currently my policy here on not to accept fan-fiction. Maybe we should discuss that?

It's a hard thing to distinguish sometimes but as a sometime professional, a lot of fan-fiction makes me itchy. And it's not that I haven't written some fan-fiction myself.

Edeyn's story can be read as having some satirical intent, much like my own recent, "What a Yam!" Popeye pastiche on another site.

As I say, I can be persuaded.

- Joyce

Your site, your rules

You make the decision and I'll take it down if need be. Good to find this out now, though, before I started posting the Violet Ajah.

See that's the thing

I know there are good stories out there... And fan-fiction on the net is just THERE!


- Joyce


no idea what you mean by that

What I got from it

what I got from it was that she likes YOUR 'fan-fic' but doesn't want this to become a site that becomes bogged down with fan-fic.

It's Joyce's site and Joyce's rules, but I'd like to see a bit more of the violet ajah before making up my mind whether or not it should be here. the one thing that I did read of Violet Ahah Jordon's characters were terciary in the story. almost like they are 'window dressings'. :)

my .05 cents worth.

Tim Knight

p.s. don't start posting Harry Potter fan-fic or I'll start screaming

BCTS allows fanfic and isn't overun with it, so...

...I think I'll allow it but try not to encourage it. Other than the stuff I like. :) And of course, any complaints from copyright holders and the stuff comes down.

- Joyce

your site

again it's your site Joyce. but that seems fair to me. fan fic allowed as long as it's not slapping you in the face with main characters. :) but even more important, as long as YOU like it.

Tim Knight.

p.s. Maybe I'll have to try writing some..... I've never written fan-fic before.

double..triple barrelled

First...comments seem upside down and back the front. Some are sequential in an upside down way and some are just.. sequential... and this box is too small. Surely they should follow top to bottom... but they don't.

Fanfic...ok, I guess I understand it or at least the motivation for it. But it is not original story telling. It is derivative, now ok sure most things are to a degree... but.. Probably an old argument. I suppose I don't much care if this is taken negatively at the moment... just one a them mood things. Read everything, mix it up...and make your own damn stories. I don't want to read another bloody Harry Potter or whatever fanfic. Use it to sort out style and voice...but then post your own story. If not...forget it. Yeah I'm feeling pissy, but it annoys me. So who cares if it does... good question... oh this is not directed personally at all, so don't take it that way.


All true but...

... not all fanfic is created equal. :) What the current writers of Superman and indeed most TV shows do is essentially fanfic, using someone else's characters and backgrounds. Granted, they have permission to publish but as far as the writing goes, it's no different.

So, some of the best paid writers out there are writing using other people's characters and backgrounds -- it's not fanfic if you have permission and you're paid to do it. :)

And then there are satiric uses of characters, like Edeyn's story that started this and my own "What a Yam!" story on BC. Not exactly fanfic either. You keep edging into gray areas.... And either I have to read everything and make a decision which may be wrong, or, I leave it up to the poster and require them to acknowledge this.

Not perfect but what is?

- Joyce

perfect? nothing is

Wouldn't expect it and I acknowledge you have far more experience in this area than I. Hey, this is your place, so...
A couple of years back I got sent a story based on anothers to read and comment on. It was good and followed well and given permissions I expected it to do ok. It never showed and I do get that. Said author has done other things... never as much read as that copied authors, but they were her own. I guess it's not my thing. But so what. Just so long as there are guidelines and they are understood. Grey? There's always grey.. no bad thing, probably impossible to avoid. But it can be tricky. Up to you of course.


Comment order

Note the comments are now in the order you expect? :)

- Joyce

Never thought of that

But you're absolutely right! TV writers are essentially the pinnacle of fanficdom. That's a nifty way to look at it...

Original Storytelling

I have actually had training in the artform of Storycrafting. In my view, true storytelling means that the story MUST change with each unique retelling. So, for the most part, I agree, if it's just a rehash or a copy of another's work, then it's not worth it. However, if you can retell the story in a fresh way, it's just as much storytelling as the original. I mean, like I said in another comment, it's more about using the setting another author came up with, in my opinion, and that's how I write fanfic. I use the original characters sparingly and if I must have them as part of the core, then I do my BEST to portray them in the same voice as the original author.

Proper Fanfic

In my opinion, the best Fanfiction uses one or two of the established characters, but focuses more on new characters. The point is to use the setting that was created by the original author more than anything else. Think of it like a role-playing game.

As for the Charlie Brown thing that started this discussion... I was challenged to do a "holiday piece" on Christmas Eve, and wrote that in about 10 minutes. I think it turned out nicely, myself.

Would it help to know...

That I got permission from Robert Jordan in a letter back when I wrote it? And that I'm trying to contact Harriet Rigby (his widow) to make sure I still have that permission before posting it anywhere?


That helps a lot. :)

- Joyce

Thanks againk, Carla!

All fixed up! And please, feel free to comment on the story itself, I'd like that.


My Stories

I have a few short stories posted at Big Closet, would they be better posted here and my   fanfics I have done here?

May Your Light Forever Shine

Don't really want fanfics

And for the moment, I'd prefer no TG stories. BC is the place for those.

- Joyce

Probably my own stupidity...

Hi Joyce,

I can't find an email address for you so I'm asking for help here...two questions how do I post stories and why does my inbox (which says I have one message) keep telling me that access denied...because I'm not authorised to view that page.

I know it's probably something I'm doing wrong, but I've been going around in circles for the last half hour,

Many thanks,


Shakedown cruise

Not your fault, I have to approve memberships right now. I'm still working on my procedures here and what the messages and instructions say. You should be able to read PMs and post stories now. Use the |+Story| link at the top of the page, I take care of linking together multi-part stories, too, at least right now I do. :)

Welcome to Fictioneer!

- Joyce

Still not there...

Hi again Joyce,

I've now got +Blog and +Topic at the top of the screen, but no +Story and still no PM ability...

Sorry to be a pain,

Many thanks,


Is this thing on?

Tap. Tap. WeeEEEoooOOOoo!

Okay, that should do it. :)

- Joyce

That's done it :)

Many thanks,


Maybe I'm just becoming Senile

All right...

I've read all the comments and perhaps I have been out of country too long...

What, exactly, is 'fan-fic'? I understand it is 'fan (or viewer) fiction and I think perhaps based upon some previously written material. I fail to understand how it may be presented without violating existing copywrites.

This is an area which after reading seems to be all right to me but I don't understand the distinction.

Would someone care to elaborate for me? My mind may be quite dense at times... duh.:)

T D Aldoenntti

Fan-Fic and Satire

Fan fiction is usually fiction based on popular media. It's possible to get permission to do this sort of thing. It's also well known that the owners of some media properties do not mind a bit of fan involvement in the way of writing for the enjoyment of other fans where no profit is taken.

Fictioneer is not a profit-based website. Hosting is provided free and the money brought in from ads and donations actually pays only for ads and donations on other similar sites and for an occasional contest.

Posting fan-fic here is the poster's responsibility. You're supposed to know if you have permission or if you're working with a property in which the owner does not mine or even encourages fan involvement.

Any complaints from property owners will result in immediate removal of fan-fiction.

Satire is a different thing. The satirical use of media properties is protected by statute. There are limits to that protection, though.

I don't want to be sued by Disney, so leave their stuff alone unless you're doing out and out satire and then don't overdo it.


Posting Policies

This handy summary of FICTIONEER policies is kind of hard to find. Almost deserves its own button at the top of the main page. Having reread these rules I see there's a story of mine on here that doesn't belong here at all. I'd better yank it. I'll have other more pertinent things to submit...
~~hugs Laika

Thanks for letting me in!


Sorry for being pretty quiet so far - I'm a slow reader! I'm just getting to grips with the site, as you do, and I'm trying to read as many of the stories on here as I possibly can before I black out. So thanks for letting me in. Oh yeah, I was going to ask if experimental writing was allowed? It went out of date in the late 60s early 70s, or the sheer indulgence of it; but I was just wondering if it's OK, as there's not really any sites for that no-more. But thanks once again - it's a great site you got here.

Any kind of writing is pretty much okay

There are other places for hardcore adult fare but the only taboos here are ones my ISP enforces against photos and images of illegal acts. I'm not sure what you mean by experimental writing but this is probably the place for it. :)


Hi :)

It seems a nice site Joyce.
And low-key, not as turned to 'selling itself' as some other sites I've seen.
(No, I'm not referring to Big Closet:)

As for fan stories?
Waverly stories, are those considered 'fan fiction'
Dr. Bender and the rest?

I think some of those awesome :)
A good yarn will always be a good yarn.
But yeah, I like the ones 'out of nowhere' the best too.

As for TG stories?
It's not what they are about, not if they are good.
If you ask me, that is.

The best stories just shows you life.
In all its variety.

Good and bad.

Cheers & Thnx :)

Fan stories

Fan fiction is any story that involves characters or properties which you do not own the rights to and have not negotiated a paid license for.

Clear? :)


Fan story

I had the honor of someone writing something similar to my Lizzie Jane character. They asked me first and I said "yep". I consider that an honor.

Fan story

I had the honor of someone writing something similar to my Lizzie Jane character. They asked me first and I said "yep". I consider that an honor.

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