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Poor Authorship

Maybe it was the type -- maybe I am a poor writer -- I have noticed

that very few have read the last chapters of my serial.


Am I a poor author?  Do I need to quit writing?




Type correction on "23rd Century Girl..."

If you found the last chapter of "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th

Century" to difficult to read as I did, I finally obtained access to

Microsoft Word and corrected it. It is much easier to read now.




CreateSpace "Breakout" Novel Contest

Why you should read the linked page is that this time they are allowing previously self-published novels and have a Young Adult category, too. Prize is $15,000 dollars and a publishing contract with Penguin.

Problems with access to inbox.

There was a problem with access to inbox. At access attempt there is a message "
Access denied. You are not authorised to access this page. "Suggest what to do, please?

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 12

I've posted chapter 12 of Amanda's Eyes. It went up with a little less editing and proofing than I usually do so if you notice errors or issues, please let me know.


I appear to be blind

Unless I'm blind, it appears that "new" folks here can't post content until the Admin's grant this ability. My question, I guess, is how to ask to be made an Author? (A reply seemed to indicate this, but not how the admins decide one is "worthy" of being granted the "Author" appellation.)

Okay, so I'm slow. Everyone else seemed to figure it out...

How do I write to an author?

I've just joined today. I am told that I am not authorised to access my Inbox, so I presume that I can't compose a note.

How do I write to an author?



If anyone sees any error in any of my writings, please let me know. I continually find new mistakes every time I read something.

This time it was a misspelled word.  I wrote "rein" instead of "reign". I realize that I am not a professional writer and my stories may not be very good, but at least, I want it to look more professional.

With love,

Thanks everyone

Haven't had this many comments on a chapter before. Appreciate the reads and the responses. One of the reasons for posting a "book" on a site like this is to get reader response. Comments about specifics in a chapter are especially welcome. I look to comments for ways to improve.

Message from Starla

I have been longer than I wanted or expected on "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century," so I thought I would bring it to a close.

Does Humour Belong In Music?

"I-oh-I, will rock you like a nincompoop..."

The Tinseltown Rebellion

Frank Zappa, a name that has been synonymous with drugs, excess and "what the fuck was that?" who said himself that he was an anachronism that makes the ugliest music on the planet.

Is that right?

17 Again

We join Mike O'Donnel as he throws away a promising basketball career in favour of standing by the girl he loves.

Sorry for the long delay

I just posted chapter eleven of Amanda's Eyes. I have more to edit and post and even more to write on this "book" but I'm hoping it won't be nearly as long before I can post the next chapter.

Enjoy and thanks for reading,


Pawn Of Prophecy

This is not a new book, but it's worthy of mention - as would be the rest of the books in the multiseries story that David and his wife, Leigh have created.

Thanks peeps

Just a few words to say thanks for the response I got for the last two reviews I wrote on Hot Topics. It's really appreciated.

True Blood

Recently there have been a couple of vampire programmes to hit our screens, such as Moonlight and Blood Ties that have put a slightly different slant on the Bela Lugosi/Christopher Lee vampire stereotype and now there's a new one.

Video Review - Race to Witch Mountain

This is the first of what I hope will be many video reviews of releases new and old for that veg-out in front of the TV with popcorn a beer or maybe a glass of wine or several even :)

Feel free to add your own comments and let us and other know if you enjoyed the movie or the review - or both...

Check it out here

Race to Witch Mountain

Back in the seventies, two films were released with Witch Mountain in the title and although probably good for kids, even by those standards, they were lightwieght.

In this remake, we see Dwayne Johnson - Commonly known as 'The Rock' and as seen in 'Welcome to the Jungle', 'Doom' etc - as Jack Bruno, one-time mob wheelman trying to go straight and eking out a living driving a taxi.

All comments gratefully received

I have to ask the question as to why when so many put in so much time and effort, so few readers comment?

A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 18

“Yes, you are wondering about the zombies. They were our enemies, so I have taken removed all previous thoughts from their minds and replaced it with only the ability to serve us. They know nothing else and are used as guards against other enemies. They neither eat or sleep, but are given long life –hundreds of your years. They are bandaged as zombies because their flesh cannot survive such a long life. You and the young lady with you will be spared that fate – but the others with you may not.”


A 23rd Century Girl


in the 20th Century


Chapter 18



A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 17


A 23rd Century Girl

in the 20th Century


Chapter 17


“Yes, zombies,” stated Jake. “Those things wrapped in bandages that grabbed us.”

“Things that grabbed you? When? How? I must ask the Pharaoh about that,” replied Lizzie Jane.

I am still here

In case someone is wondering, I am working on Chapter 17 of "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century."  I am just going slower than usual -- guess I am getting old.  I do not have writer's block.


Hooray! I have my computer set up again

After nine months of barely getting by financially, I now have my computer moved and installed at my apartment.


My plans are to start back immediately on my stories if I can remember how to get them back on line.



Starla Anne


The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 3


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -




* Chapter Three *

Meeting Of The Minds-

 Or, Danny gets Snowed!


The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 2

* Chapter Two *

The Show Must Go On!




       “Well guys, looks like you can start packing it up.” said the production manager, Bob Wellington.


The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 1

This story is of a different parallel dimension, though it's much like ours. The technical advances are of a more biological nature and the plant life looks the same but has much different and more friendly properties for the humans that live there. In this one, only some of the females even smoke at all. It's not even hazardous for them... in fact it's loaded with beneficial natural hormonal stuff! Only the wise elder women even know of the benefits of it. Such stuff when smoked makes men ill in the mornings for days... naturally, for the first week or so at least... and they leave it well enough alone, though only such women and doctors... know the why of it.


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -

-By- PattieBFine


*Chapter One*

Where's The Beef?


Farm Town Chronicles 5-8

Greased Frightening and Pink Slips

   There's no playgrounds or malls for the local kids to play at so we are forced to create our own entertainment. The boys were wont to playing practical jokes like the one Mary Susan's older brothers played on her.

A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 16

I have been gone a long time, so you may want to read a previous chapter to catch up with what is going on.  I am sorry for the delay, but I hope to be able to keep current. I may modify it later, but, as for now -- here is the new installment.


First entry

This is by way of introducing myself. I don't expect to maintain a regular Web log here, since I'd rather focus my energy on my own Web site at http://ansuz.sooke.bc.ca/, but as a new un-upgraded user I can't do much else than post Web log entries as I wait for the upgrade.

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