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This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 14

We sit down at Raphael’s restaurant, at a sidewalk table.
“Won’t somebody notice “Pierre” there?”  Asks Chloe.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 9

Nine – Preparations

The Children of Lilith (Chapters 1-3)

The Children of Lilith

By Daughter of Theon
All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
Leo Tolstoy:-Anna Karenina

This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 13

“Raff!” shouts the sales clerk, “Comment allez vous?”
“Tres bien,” Raphael replies, “Est-ce que tu connais mes amis?”
“Un peu. Porquois ils et tu entre sans habiillement?”
“Long story,” Raphael replies.
Then he turns to me.

Skids and Digger

                   SKIDS AND DIGGER

Songs of Innocence & Experience


 Songs of Innocence and Experience 

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 8

Eight – Second thoughts

Silver Blood

Well, here I am, the last one alive in the research lab. The vampires have either turned or killed everybody else here. Luckily, I am in a sealed off self contained bunker with its own sealed water and air recycling systems.


The disappearance of a local high school girl has been on the news for several days now. A compact disk arrives at the police station relating a grotesque and utterly unbelievable tale. Is it the product of a deranged imagination or a factual account of an all-too-real horror lying just outside of our known reality?



by Laika Pupkino

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 7

Seven – The Shock

...Even more strange, she’d just spent at least half an hour in the presence of other people without shouting at anyone, without cursing, without really thinking at all about not being able to see. Just what was she really feeling?


Canyon Sketches

Excerpts from a longer work:

The Canyon Sketches
(An Irreverent History)

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 6

Let's shift gears a little and look at events from Amanda's point of view. Let me know if you like the shift in focus. 


Six – Life Sucks

Tiny Johnson

                          Tiny Johnson

This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 12

Nobody’s watching as I look around to see if anybody’s watching.  There’s the door.  Here I am.  There’s everybody else. 

Posting a story

Perhaps someone might read this post and direct me through some minor steps, how to post a story which I'm having difficulty to find...thanks

This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 11

“That is quite all right,” Chloe replies, “I think we should consider other matters.”

New Car Woes (venting pleasantly)

A Real Writer Blogs To "Release"

(culprit: car dealer woes)

Well, I am writing this because I don't want this to cause writer's block--so excuse if this is not the appropriate blog item for a writer's-type blog.

I am new here, so I couldn't be more grateful that someone might read this and leave me something to let me know that "this too shall pass."

Hurricane Ike

I expect to have another chapter to post soon but I may be interrupted by Hurricane Ike. Looks like I'm out of the worst but just barely. Could still get hurricane force wind and plenty of rain. See if we keep power and internet (doubt it). C ya next week!

A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 15


Okay, I may have stepped a little over the science fiction line in this story, but I am headed in a certain direction and I hope there aren't too many objections. 


  Linda’s New Life

                             Chapter 15

                    By Starla Anne Lowry

Story Contest

 Would anyone here be interested in a story contest? We could offer actual prizes, perhaps?

- Joyce

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 5

Posting chapter 5. Kind of a pivotal chapter in the story. Again, plenty of bad language. Not the way I prefer to speak or write but necessary for the story. Let me know what you think.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 5

Sometimes something you do on impulse, without stopping to think about it, has a huge impact on your life. Sometimes that impact is even positive.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 4

Chapter four has a scene with a mild sexual situation. If that disturbs you I'm sorry but I felt it was important to the plot. It reinforces the situation that comes after it in the chapter. Hey, anyone got any comments, suggestions, critiques?

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 4

This chapter has a scene with a mild sexual situation. If that disturbs you I'm sorry but I felt it was important to the plot. Remember how things can change in the course of a weekend when you are a teenager?

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 3

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter Three  – Plans

The Wednesday and Thursday sessions were the same with Amanda although, knowing Ken wouldn’t fall for it, she didn’t try the book-dropping trick again.

This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- 10


Hey!  Says Raphael, How come people are looking for you?

I really don’t know – you’d have to ask them.

I asked one guy once and he looked at me in such a way that I never asked the question again.

Did he say anything?

Amanda's Eyes

This is another one I'd posted on another site, but I'm re-editing it and posting it here if there is interest. I've got 14 chapters (about 225K bytes) written so far and I'll post it as it's edited. There is more to be written and I'm working on that too. Let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions and corrections. That's what's most valuable about this forum.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 1 & 2

He needs community service credit to graduate from High School. She recently lost her sight and is having trouble dealing with her disability. His description of her, "She's about as friendly as a razor wire fence." Her description of him, "I can tell by the smell that it's the same pile of crap again today." Sounds like a perfect match doesn't it?

This is an Unexpected Bump for Sure -- Chapter 9


What the?

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