The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 1

This story is of a different parallel dimension, though it's much like ours. The technical advances are of a more biological nature and the plant life looks the same but has much different and more friendly properties for the humans that live there. In this one, only some of the females even smoke at all. It's not even hazardous for them... in fact it's loaded with beneficial natural hormonal stuff! Only the wise elder women even know of the benefits of it. Such stuff when smoked makes men ill in the mornings for days... naturally, for the first week or so at least... and they leave it well enough alone, though only such women and doctors... know the why of it.


- The Hidden Hazard -

- Of Being A Stuntman -

-By- PattieBFine


*Chapter One*

Where's The Beef?



      “Well Ashley, ever since you talked the special effects guys into buying that new body-works system... like, you seem like a whole different actress!” “I know Sab!, you just have no IDEA!, Like how much less stress I'm under now about meeting with my Adoring public... giggle, like them ever finding out I'm not a 'G.G.'!”


      “Yeah... well, I think I'd be even more stress about how much of the danged thing to make it you had to PAY for, for them to like... buy into it! Like, two thirds of what your making on this bloody movie seems a bit much! It's like, more than I'll ever make in ten years!”


     “Well Sabrina, it's all relative I guess. Even at that, the two months this film will take... at a third of what they are paying me... it's still about a hundred-sixty times what I would make at that burger joint I was at before, so... I still can't thank you enough Sab for talking me into auditioning for that play. Well... and for dressing me up as a girl for Halloween too I guess, else I'd have never done THAT type thing to begin with even. But the way you had me done up, just... like nobody had even a frigging clue! Giggle!

      So! When the only open part was for a girl... well I thought you were just completely INSANE!, but it really worked!”


      “Yeah... I guess... only, the way that 'I' did it then.... I could still, like... get some enjoyment? With what you have down there now, well... your just like me! How much fun is THAT like... for me?”


      “I KNOW Sabby-baby!, But like we agreed!, after that first movie deal... like now that I've decided to like... stick with this? And started smoking all the hormones and all that like you do too? Like, how long could I have kept it... continued being able too do it, like that? Hum?”     

      “And this being the third movie deal this year and all... I mean, I still love you like crazy and all that sweetie but... I think it's just the ciggs... well... but girl, I just don't get the same feelings now when I'm with you anymore, Yuh know?”

       “They like, affect my BRAINS I guess! And even YOU said I'd be, like... certifiable and need to be locked UP!, if I turned down a career that makes, like, a gazillion dollars like tri-Dee does!”

        “I mean, I miss it too... I guess... but, Girl!... I don't know.... being in this scene with Darius?... gods he... it... and I'm just... Gods!, he gets my heart racing and makes my blood so damned hot!, Yuh know? And it's all sorta freaking me Right out... it's enough right now to deal with, my being turned on like... by that... by a guy!... to just be even Dealing with THAT! Sorta thing? So like, Please!, pl...ea...ase! Like, don't give me even more to deal with right now or I think I'm gona just like... just LOSE IT completely!” said Ashly as her head dropped into her hands and she began to silently cry.


       “Hey now... sweetie, I know your still not used to what the female hormones your taking in by smoking are doing to you. Try not to get so upset about it though... I guess I may be Bi... giggle!, cause ,like... you still make me so hot!, even looking like you do now? But I understand sweetie... and I'll try to back off a bit, Okay?” said Sabrina as she rubbed the back of the former boy... named Ashton, who now was becoming more mentally aligned with her public persona... of Ashly Dodds, the famous hit movie actress that was climbing fast in the ranks of stardom.

        “Why don't you have a final ciggy and calm down a bit and then take a little nap sweetie?, I know your not due back on the set again for three hours yet. I know I promised your doctor I'd help you to slow down and not smoke so many... but girl, your an air-tram wreck right now... and with the whole set coming apart around you like that today. Your, like... due!, a break girl! And you know how much calmer you are after... and certainly after you've had like one or maybe even two of them in a row this time?... Yeah?... Okay?.... I'll wake you in plenty of time to get ready.... Okay?”


      “K, Sab...” she said as she lit up a Maiden's-slims mentholated 120's... one of Sabrina's smaller ones...

      “I don't know what I'd do with out you! You know?”


      “I know sweetie... oh I almost forgot! They found a new girl!... giggle! To like... get dress up as you!... and she'll be your stunt double now for the rest of the film... and from what I here, she's your frigging clone! Like... right down to your Barbie-girl mouse of a voice that you came up with for the play and all!”

      “How funny is THAT!?”


      “OH, GODS!... My clone?!... that poor, poor girl!... giggle... I feel her pain! Giggle, giggle.”


     “The film almost went like... bust!, since, like... Shelly got hurt so bad on the set when that back-drop fell over on top of her like that. No stunts, means like... no movie, Yuh know?"


      “Yeah... don't I just like... know it, Sab.”




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