The Hidden Hazard Of Being A Stuntman 2

* Chapter Two *

The Show Must Go On!




       “Well guys, looks like you can start packing it up.” said the production manager, Bob Wellington.


       “Pack it up? We still have a third of the shoot to get through yet I though?” asked Tom and Jenny Boyle of Specter Creations Limited, who were doing all the special costume for this movie.


       “Yeah... well... it's like this. Shelly was the only stunt girl that was even close to Ashly's size to be had... and Believe-you-me!... I've tried every danged outfit out there. No Dice. So we'll have to shut the works down until she's out of hospital.”


       “How bad is she hurt Bob?” asked Jenny.


       “Well... sprained ankle and wrist... but that's not the hold-up... she's got a concussion. It's a bad one and the doc's are saying six weeks minimum. It's the new rules... remember that sports guy... you know, the vozzyball player? Yeah, the younger they are the more dangerous that type of thing is they say... getting a bump a second time to soon they say it could kill her and well... the stunt she has to do...”


        “Well, what about a male? a stunt-man dressed as her?”


        “Normally, I'd say sure... though finding one her size... I didn't even look because... well... lets face it, the girl would be in a string bikini for the stunt! I know you guys do some great work but...”


        “Give us a minute here to talk Bob.” asked Tom as he put his arm around Jenny and walked with her to the other end of the cavernous work area.


        “Are you thinking what I'm thinking?” asked Jenny.


       “Yeah!, we made up four set of em' for her... each a little different, with less padding out... to account for her body maturing. She's now using the second one... so, if we could do one boy to look like that, why not both? Poetically balanced don't you think?” snickered Tom.


        “I'm not to sure... it's a bit much... and he'd be needing the catheter and all that... I mean a guy that wants to look and feel like a real girl is one thing. Them new bio-response Umm... Parts? I mean, would the poor guy even be able to... well... Function? It's not like the foam stuff that we normally use. He would be getting full tactile, Umm... stimulations and all that, as in the real deal... and as we told her, if one is worn for too long... it could permanently bond to him and make him a her for the rest of his life.”


      “Okay, that's a point... and the guy would have to be similar to... his... Ah.... her... body-wise. I think if we give him some specs... and we, err... did an addendum to the standard contract... it could actually work. Besides, we have nothing booked for over twelve weeks sweetie. This film through to it's finish, then our advanced-booked cruise... they, the other one... I would hate to... but we would most likely have to, just cancel the whole thing due to over-lapping commitments, if they can't finish this Tri-Dee as was scheduled.”


      “Okay!... okay... you don't have to beat me over the head! Your singing to the choir love! I don't believe in canceling a contract once started either! See what he can come up with from the spec-sheet from you-know-who. Be sure to add a confidentiality sheet to the pile as well... and cover thy butt! She's gona go postal... if...” stated Jenny.


       “Yeah, like you really need to tell me that! Margret Hensley has really earned the title of triple 'H'bomb... the original Holystone Horror Hag. Ash was damned lucky to get her for an agent... but this whole double deception we'll be pulling could get us hung out to dry and Margret a new notch on her belt.” said Tom as they both walk back to Bob.


       “Bob? Take a look here... could you get a male stuntman that'll fit this profile? Asked Jenny.


       “Hmm... may could be, it just might be possible, but...?"


       “Let's just say we have a new bit of tech... and let it go at that. We would need said stunt-person to sign a bit of extra paper from our side to cover ourselves, of course... if you can find one. Due our other commitments... well... lets just say we would bend over a might-bit as it were... bring the man into our fold you might say... to see this shoot through as scheduled?” explained Tom.


       “It's like that is it? Bit of new technical stuff... that's still secret in this biz?... so what have you...?” Okay!... don't go all stone-faced on me... I'll even try... not to pry, HA! Let me go see what I can come up with to fit your specs first. Then... I don't suppose I could at least watch?” asked Bob.


      They both just shook there heads...




       “NO! This one stays just with us, we signed non-disclosure contracts too!... sorry!”


       “Really?... well! I can't wait to see the results then. Baring that I can find you the warm body for it!” he exclaimed as he walked off back to his office to do the new search for a male stuntman of the required size and physical shape.

      “If they can pull this off... they deserve a FAT bonus... it would certainly save this production!”


Three hours later....


         “Daniel?, May I speak to Daniel Stone?”


         “Just a moment sir.... DANNY!, some guys on the phone for you!

          Clank! Clatter! Sorry!

         "Just a minute sir he'll be right with you!"  I sure hope this about a REAL job... she thought. 

          Danged boys been just' ah wasting his life away waiting around to do that danged stuntman stuff! Fool notion if yeah ask me!

          "DANNY! Don't keep the man waiting young man!”


          “I'm coming Ma! I was on the john... for creeps sake!”


        “Now don't you smart mouth your mother Danny!, what have I told you about talk like that?”


        “Okay already Ma!, can I have a little Privacy here Ma?”


         “Dang kids... no respect for their parents anymore...”


         “Hello? This is Danny?... Hello?”


         “OH!.. sorry, Danny? Daniel Stone?"


         “Yes sir?”


         “Err... Okay, Well!... This is Bob Wellington... New world productions? Yeah listen, Danny... we have an opening for a stuntman that we believe your have the... ah... qualifications for? It's a bit of an unusual... you see, we lost a stunt double, and well... what say you come on down to the set and we'll talk about it here... what yeah say sport? I can leave a gate pass out front for yeah.”


         “Well, Mr. Wellington? Yuh see... it's like this... I'm really interested and all, Gods am I ever!, but I don't have a way to get there and back... it's... I've been , like... out of work for a bit... and...”


           “Okay!... Danny that's not an insurmountable thing!... Goodness, what say I send a car around to come and GET you? Would that work for Yuh?”


            “I... I guess so... why, Mr Wellington... That would be just great! My address is.....”



            “Be bout an hour for my driver to get way out there in the hills Danny, have to pay the man whether or not he sits here or if he drives so... think nothing of it my boy, I'll see you soon!” Click.


            “WOW!, Mom! I think I just got me my first stunt job! And they'd said they is sending a car for me and everything!”


           “Well don't just stand there you silly boy!, go put some decent clothes on already! Won't be making any kind of a good impression to be interviewing for your fools-work of a stunt job... your being dressed like THAT!... now would it?”


           “OH! Jeez!... yeah, your right Ma!... I'll go change into something better than what I's got on right now Ma!”



Back at the studio.....



           “Hey Jenny, can you and Bob see your way fit, to drop by my office a little after lunch? I think I got you your new bird for Yuh!.... I just sent my driver around to get him. Should be back here by then and I'd like you both to look him over some... and give me a yea or nay before I even think about starting the paper-mill running up here to sign him on.”


           “He fit's into her.... Um... the Male profile I gave you?”


            "Yes sir-re!, well near as what his brag sheet lits him as anyhow. Sounded about as young as the girl is too... funny thing that...”


           “What's funny about it Bob?”


           “Well... by the kids voice... I could have sworn I was talking to a young girl, but I did then say his full name to confirm, a boys name for sure, being Daniel... and he said that's him, so...”


           “Well then... it sounds good!, and that's all for the better! Right?  I'll see to it that we're both up there in your ivory tower on time... I'll put a leash and collar on the man and drag him away from what he's working on if I have too! Giggle”


          “HA!... you just do that! I'd love to see it, and take a picture of it. See you both in a bit, By!”





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