The War of Inclusiveness


A Future Fable by Laika Pupkino
We killed off the last of those stupid religious people. Removed their force of blindness from this Earth. They were the last real impediment to human progress, the last stronghold of deliberate ignorance, what they called faith. Our faith was in what could be measured. And what we believed in was humanity. Us. People.
People might not be perfect but you could see them, count them, track their motions, gauge their energy intake and output, and we didn’t have to imagine what they want, or consult some sacred text on the topic, and then go to war with some other tribe of faithful folk because of what their own imaginary overseer wanted His children to do (Yes, overseer. Religious people, ruled by fear, seemed almost to have the fabled “slavery meme”---a bit of social memetics lore that yes has been discredited, and we are in no wise defending it, but you can sure see why it would appear that way under the tenets of Comcasticism, the then-fashionable conceptual template---so overwhelmed by the prospects of freedom, of thinking for themselves that they made up imaginary Big Massa’s in the sky to enchain them and order them around…) The folly that had enslaved human consciousness for endless millennia.
But individuals---real people, us!---they could tell you what they want, and you could collect their wants and sort them according to where they fell on the THE FIVE BASIC HUMAN WANTS/NEEDS flowchart, round it off as needed and count it all up, run it through the congressional and judicial hiveminds, and go from there. A society so simple a machine could run it, if they didn’t always go crazy and try to take over. So we kept the machines down, and let this six year old kid named Joey do most of it, since it really was that simple. Because deep down inside, everybody wants these same five things. Although sometimes---due to the residual psychic toxins of Religion that we were still cleaning up, and are, and will be for quite some times---what they want isn’t what they say they want. And then you have to shoot them.
Which is okay in a sense because people like that have the DeathMeme, and so getting shot is what they REALLY want; and sadly with the DeathMeme infesting their protein drives their human cores are irreversibly lapsed, write-off material. There is no debugging them. They are victims of pollution. Victims of the Past.
But we the living have to look forward. To the future. A fair for all. Maybe not yet but you can see it from here. 9990 out of 10k psychohistorical readings---taken anywhere and measuring a falloon of any size or duration---can’t be wrong. That’s better odds than the sun coming up tomorrow. What can you believe in this world if not statistics? We now have the inspiration to get from here to there. And the understanding, the way laid clear. Which drives out the cynicism and apathy in all but the most shootable.
One day soon no one will live in fear. No one will feel excluded. No one among us will find hizorhir self without a voice. We may even eliminate hunger, although we understand now that this will never happen until the other four Basic Needs reach a 75% global saturation level. Gone are the days of the Sacred Sperm and the BREED AND FEED PYRAMID, religion’s ultimately Gaia-cidal solution to social stability, which made war and invasion all but inevitable. You can almost see why DJ Loquacious and other of our more radical ourstorians want to redefine the Dark Ages as everything that happened prior to last week (Not that Six Year Old Joey has any need to worry about this Educational MindBlogPamphlet Committee throwing in with that lot!)
The new day dawns. Our world is at 63% saturation for Inclusiveness, of course not counting those with irreversible psychic damage from toxic memes…
And then some jackass who this committee has been told not 2 name comes along + wants to split up the what do u call it? Restructure what inclusiveness actually is. What we mean when we say Inclusion. He say: Its not 1 thing, inclusiveness. Not one person’s static state of mind but a process, between one or more persons, and nor is it simply mouthing the words that the other is Ok, because look. We each of these 7 levels of consciousness, the rational/verbal, the emotive, the subconscious, the domconscious, the gibbering pigfaced id, and them other two. And they don’t always all agree, or even know what the other levels are thinking, so for every human interaction you got each of one person’s 7 levels interacting with all 7 of the others’s. And he draws a thing that looks like 2 hairy spiders dancing. And that’s just for two people, he says. But then here you got their apartment complex they live in, and the places where they both work, more spiders here, and then where everybody there at work with them lives, and all their neighbors, not to mention Grandma Ruth back in Cincinnati, and everybody she Facebooks with- And while he’s saying this he’s grabbed a piece of chalk in each of his Dr. Octapus mechanical hands + covers the whole blackboard with spiders---laffing hysterically---millions of spiders, big ones, little ones, all within + without various falloons + granfalloons of different sizes + durations; looking like they’re doing every position in the Kama Sutra + then some! And you can see how some levels are hooking up better than others. And these faulty jacks here are causing cascade failures + empathy drains, brownouts of fellow feeling; And so damn it! To view the inclusiveness process as one undifferentiated exchange of I LOVE U, U LOVE ME, without taking into account our 7 Level selves in a 7 Level Noosphere, why it smacks as magical thinking, simplistic reductionism,, and worst of all ……… faith!
In the great auditorium you could hear a pin drop. With his now famous rendering of this raging arachnid gropefest he had destroyed our entire concept of both consciousness & society. It was a wonder we hadn’t lapsed back into religion already! Even with their arms falling off in great clumps from empathy atrophy and raining down like ugly eyebrows, those spiders fucked us good!
His theory was approved by quorum and run past Joey + the hiveminds of the 3 governmental brachia, and as soon as it cooled we all scrambled to reconstruct our dream along these new rational lines before it collapsed.
But with the hierarchy of his 7 level tostada of consciousness now under attack from those who had become disciples of another academic jackass we can’t name either, who---in the time since Jackass #1 had put down his chalk---had poked several holes in his rival’s picture of reality, stuck his finger through them and wiggled it around, and plus he had a cool beard and was real charismatic so he got lots of followers fast, who clearly saw that Level 4 was not actually a distinct facet of consciousness, but really a subset of Level 3; and then when the 9 Levellers showed up---and they were a real bunch of kooks!---Well pretty soon no two of us seemed to have the same idea for how to properly reconstruct Inclusiveness in a way that could be agreed upon. Each measured the global ubiquity of this basic need in a radically different manner; and naturally each faction thought theirs was the correct model, and that the others were- Well you know what they are…
They are dangerous fools. Dupes who are being led around by the nose by their leadership, a pack of cynical crypto-exclusivists, the implementation of whose model benefits THEM and their insular little cabal of greed. They must be stopped!
The war started five minutes ago…
And it’s a doozy!
I guess it’s okay to mention who those rival academics were now. They were both Joey.
We no longer force multiples into societally constrained fusions just so we singleminds could feel more comfortable, secure in our narrow view of what constitutes a person. But we didn’t count on Joey being at war with himself. Still was a good idea (A person’s a person, no matter how fragmentary…) and we stand by it. Even on this shattered rock.
We didn’t start this war, THEY did!
They must be religious. That’s the only explanation. They want to drag the world back into the 20th Century! Eat gamma rays, you fuckers!
Ouch that hurts! What was it Einstein said about World War Four and bow + arrows?
Wait a minute! OMG! We’re ALL Joey!
I want my momm-
I don't know what this is. I couldn't sleep, it came pouring out. I used a bunch of big words that I'm not really sure what they meant, and made up others, and got silly with some horrible things. Whatever it is I'm pretty sure it ain't t.g...
I'm afraid that it will act as a political rorschach test on readers. Those from the right will see it as an attack on religion and tradition, leftleaning readers will see it as a fascist dismissal of progressive beliefs. But I think what it's really about is the KIND of thoughts that lead to fanaticism. I'm pretty sure atheists won't like it, because while it doesn't attack atheism itself it comes down hard on one of the prevalent side-themes of popular atheism, that getting rid of the fallacious concept of god(s) will do much to cure our warlike nature as a species. Their certainty of this fightens me, because it's a perfect mirror image of those notions that make religious factions warlike- that once everybody thinks or believe <u>just like me</u> this world will be a so much better place. Which leads right in to the demonization of the other, the different, all those walking impediments to a me-like perfect world; from where it's just a short hop to atrocities against our fellow humans. I don't want to do that, but I'm human myself, and our track record ain't so good. I really think the notion "I COULD BE WRONG" is one of the healthiest we can entertain. But I could be wrong...


I'm Getting Weird Echoes...

...of The Prisoner (and the Village) here. I suppose at least some of that depends on one's interpretation of Number One in the final episode; I'm inclined to think that Joey here is something of an equivalent.

A thought-provoking piece. (I keep erasing the rest of my comment here. Trying to find the real enemy -- I started out with reductionism and superficiality and then went on to Soviet-style politically-inspired science and fad concepts in general -- may not be doing justice to the story's nearly equal-opportunity derision. And none of this has a whole lot to do with the story's final development.)

Anyway, nicely done.


Loved it Laika

Playful, thoughful, provokative and alluring.
I like the fragmented style, but mercifully you kept it readable so we could follow it.
And I like the fragmentation being taken so far in, in to the ego, the collective ego, or the ego itself dissolving into the maybe mystical idea of cosmic oneness?

Excellent and stimulating stuff and very impressive for an insomniac splurge.


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