A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 11


              Linda’s New Life

                             Chapter 11

                    By Starla Anne Lowry
“I hope you have an idea what you are doing staying with me,” said Jim as Linda and he worked their way up a hill, still hidden by the jungle. Jim was carrying a revolver under his belt that Doctor Ledbetter had given him – keeping a rifle for himself. Linda still had her bow, the string circling her neck and a quiver of arrows.
“I hope you know how to use such an antique weapon”, Doctor Ledbetter had said after Jim had mentioned that he felt lost without his ray pistol. So now, Jim and Linda were on their own.
 “We have a two-fold thing to accomplish – stay hidden and not get captured and go back to the cave where you saw me,” Jim said as they continued on their journey.
“Why do we want to go back there?” asked Linda.
“The cave leads to an underground base, the main headquarters for the Reptilians in this area. The Reptilians established a compound guarded by gorillas years ago to provide humans as their food. The victims are killed and delivered here for processing. I have to discover some method of destroying this base."
“Humans for food?”
“Yes, the people are being killed for meat, but that is the lesser of the problem. To begin, humans were bred.  They found out that was not fast enough, so they began to capture more and more for immediate slaughter. Now, the Reptilians are wanting to branch out. All of humanity are being raised to furnish food for their race worldwide. As their population grow, they will come to the surface and slowly take over all the governments. More and more people are  being abducted every day."
“But, in our time there is no such thing,” inquired Linda, surprised at the possibility of being on someone’s kitchen table after being roasted. “Besides earth have their armies.”
"There are not as many in the time we came from, but they are there," corrected Jim. "We did not recognize them because Reptilians can change their appearance to look like ordinary citizens. Their plan was to enter politics and, over a period of time, gain control of the entire world. They are not mentioned in our history because I went back in time and messed up their plans. Nothing has been found out about what I did, so I am just going to have to find out the hard way how I did it.  I had my doubts when I was captured, but you came along and rescued me. That is why I am allowing you to journey with me. You may be part of the solution.”  
“If it is not in our history, how did you learn about these people?” asked Linda.
“That is a legitimate question. Someone discovered it further in the future than we were. That is why I was called back to go forward in time – to get that information.”
"Strange -- you were forward into the future, but you are now in our past, as I am," smiled Linda, amused at what she said.
"Yes, I had to come back here because this is where the answer should lie. It is possible that I may have to go back another 1,000 years -- shortly after the time that Lizzie Jane and you left."
“You will succeed and we can all go back to our home in the 23rd century. Right?”
“Well, no – I am sure I succeeded, but there isn’t any record of me ever returning,” said Jim sadly. “I may be killed – another reason for you coming along. You rescued me, so you may be the one who will finish my work.”
“Then I may not be my own great, great, great grandmother,” sighed Linda.
“Oh, I will explain later – if we both live through this,” said Linda. She kept thinking about her age – how she had expected to have a long and happy life ahead, verifying that she would have children and be her own ancestor. Now, she realizes that she faces the possibility of death – but at least it would be for the good of the world. However, if she died, Lizzie Jane would make it out of the jungle to have a child to be her ancestor. It is certain that Linda was descended from Lizzie Jane.
Linda’s thoughts turned to what it must feel like to die. She quickly dismissed the image of some inhuman creatures preparing her for a tasty meal. But, to die – what would it be like? She remembered Momma Elizabeth telling about going to Heaven and how beautiful everything was. One thing was sure – Linda was going to be sure to keep her prayers up to date.
“Are you afraid, little one?” asked Jim.
“A little,” answered Linda.
“The best thing right now is to find a good place to hide until the ground search crew give up and go back to their vessel. They probably will not conduct an extended search since I am only one person.”
Linda found the perfect spot – a cleft under a huge boulder, hidden by some thick bushes. She was able to find it by observing a rabbit scampering through the bushes. Such a hideout was perfect. A cave would have surely been searched.
Looking around, depending on what little information she had received from Lizzie Jane, Linda located some jungle fruit to carry into their hideout. Jim was impressed. “A couple of these contain some water that we can use,” she said.
“Good. We will probably stay hidden most of the night,” said Jim,
In a few hours, the Repilitians were seen passing through the area. They seemed to be checking every possible hiding place, but Jim and Linda were so well hidden behind the bushes that the creatures passed by without pausing.
“Whew, for a moment there, I wasn’t so sure,” said Jim.
“Haven’t you ever played hide-and-seek?” asked Linda.
“No – what is that?” asked Jim.
“It is a children’s game that we learned about in history. Some of us thought we would try it and it was fun. I became an expert at hiding.”
“Learning games instead of useful knowledge. What a waste of time!” remarked Jim jokingly.
“Well, so far I don’t think it was a waste of time. It worked for us, didn’t it?” smiled Linda.
Jim suggested that they make themselves as comfortable as possible until daylight so that they could see where they were going. The jungle fruit had an excellent taste and the water was satisfactory.
Linda stretched out and was soon sound asleep. Not knowing that she had not rested well the last few days he said to himself, ‘Asleep at a time like this.’ It wasn’t long until he nodded his head and was asleep himself, partially reclining against the rock.
Dodging some huge and small dinosaurs, Doctor Ledbetter and his group kept on the constant move following jungle animal trails whenever bushes and tree limbs created a canopy. At no time did they ever show themselves in any clearing due to the circling UFOs. Lizzie Jane traveled through the tree limbs, keeping an eye on the surroundings.
Finally, they came to the other edge of the plateau. Since darkness had began to set in, Doctor Ledbetter decided to wait until darkness could cover them from the prying eyes of the lizard people. In the darkness, they believed they could spot the lights from an UFO before it saw them as they made plans to descend the steep cliffs on that side of the plateau.
Using flexible vines again, furnished by Lizzie Jane, they lowered themselves to the valley below as quickly as possible. The entire group had reached the valley safely, except Lizzie Jane, when UFOs began to be seen in the distance with spotlights moving back and forth over the landscape. Realizing that the lizard creatures could probably see the vine rope, Lizzie Jane quickly untied it and let it drop over the side. She stepped back into the jungle on top of the plateau so she would not be seen.
Everyone nervously waited what seemed like a short eternity before the UFOs move on. Lizzie Jane decided to climb down the cliffs the old fashioned way. Being careful to place her footing and hands in adequate areas, she descended.
She was about 15 feet from the bottom when Doctor Ledbetter yelled, “Here comes the UFOs again.”
Lizzie Jane turned and jumped, landing on her feet, somewhat painfully, but crawled quickly to the protection of the jungle.
“How are you?” asked Ruth, concerned about her granddaughter.
“I think just a little sprain. I will be okay,” answered Lizzie Jane.
“No sprain is a little sprain,” declared Doctor Ledbetter as he began to examine her foot.
“It will be okay,” she insisted. She stood to her feet, limping as she walked. Suddenly, she screamed and fell.
“I told you,” reminded Doctor Ledbetter. “We will make something to carry you.”
A litter was quickly created, Lizzie Jane placed on it, and Josh and Jake were the ones volunteering to transport her amid her cries of “I’m all right!” Her thought was to see the group safely through the jungle and go back to see about Linda.
“Let’s put as much distance as possible between us and the lizards,” said Doctor Ledbetter. “We will travel through the night. We still have our weapons and I believe the dinosaurs are only located on the plateau.”
Linda seem to be resting so well that Jim allowed her to sleep until well into the morning. He could not understand how she slept so soundly in such a rough place. He did not realize how much sleep she had lost.
“Good morning,” she said, stretching her arms above her head. Seeing the sun already shining, she asked, “Why did you let me sleep so late?”
“You looked so cute lying there,” was Jim’s answer. “Besides it is only about 800 hours, according to this century’s method of marking time.”
Instead of minutes, the hour was broken up into 100 parts per hour in the 23rd century with fewer hours in a day. Linda could never understand how time could only have 60 minutes and the hours be counted as 800 hours, 900 hours, etc., but she was slowly becoming accustomed to the quirks of the 20th century.
“I saved you the last of the fruit. I guess you can get some more.”
“Yes, Momma Elizabeth showed me how – I mean, Nanny Elizabeth – Oh, it is so difficult to remember. To me, she is like my older sister, anyway,” answered Linda. “But, I would rather call her Momma Elizabeth – nothing wrong with having too mothers, are there?”
Jim smiled. “I don’t suppose.”
After eating to her satisfaction and drinking the liquid from the fruit, Jim said, “The Repilitans searched throughout the night and I saw a few go by an hour ago, so maybe we can carefully ease on our way.”
“I have an idea,” said Linda. “Momma Elizabeth and I stayed in the trees so that we could keep a check ahead. Perhaps it would be well if I did that now.”
“Trees? Have you become a monkey?” laughed Jim.
“Well, that is the way Momma Elizabeth learned to do it and it worked very well. She rescued her husband that way and kept both from being murdered. Before that, she rescued her friend from the giants when they went back in time.”
“Well, okay. Whatever works.”
Following the plan, Jim and Linda worked their way through the jungle toward the cave. Linda kept a sharp lookout and, except for a few prehistoric reptiles which Jim carefully sneaked by, everything continued clear. Jim had explained that the dinosaurs had been carefully planned by the Repitilans and placed on earth around 2,000 years prior. That was a thousand years before Lizzie Jane and Linda first came to the area traveling through time.
Jim had also learned that placing everything on the island was also planned. The island was a creation of the Repitilans and had been designed to float, eventually become part of the mainland, so that after some time, migration to other parts of the world would be possible. The plateau was caused by an earthquake and a rising of the valley of the dinosaurs, therefore trapping them. That meant that the cave of Momma Gorilla was somewhere near the foot of the sheer cliffs on the opposite side of the plateau – the side that Lizzie Jane and the group was on.
So, it was not surprising that Lizzie Jane saw a cave that looked a lot like Momma Gorilla’s home and suggested that the group investigate it.
--To be Continued

Copyright by Starla Anne Lowry

Wonderful Action.

Did the "V" lizards come down or are they the sleestaks from Land of The Lost?
May Your Light Forever Shine

Wonderful Action (reply)

There are a lot of theories about the lizard people, so I don't know which one I will take.

The description of the lizard people are not original. People claim that some of the things I am describing are actually true. One exception is that the hole from which it is believed that the flying saucers come from is not a cave in South America, but one of the north/south poles. I am not sure if it is the artic, although I think it may be.

One person think they are underground in L.A.

One conspiracy theory believe that they have already taken over the government and that we will all become their slaves in 2012.

Another theory is that they are from another dimension.

So, you can see I have a lot to work with. -smile-


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